Steve was/is one of the most inspiring people I have had the opportunity to know.  

I moved to Jackson one year after graduating college and worked for Steve at Moosely Mountaineering.  My first day at Moosely, Steve sized me up right away; a young “greenhorn” east coaster, road runner, who would likely be here just for the summer, he was mostly right.   He quickly designated me the knick-name “Young MC” and in return I dubbed him “RomeBro”, both names stuck.  That working with Steve I learned more about the Tetons, skiing, running in the mountains, and mountaineering, than I could have read in any guide book.  I always viewed Steve as somewhat of a mentor, and it was his enthusiasm and unparalleled energy about the Tetons that made me stay in Jackson for the winter.  

At the end of the summer Steve finally dragged me along for a “run” up the Grand.  I was excited, nervous, and eager to prove that I could run beyond the roads.  Although we were unsuccessful on the summit (due to ice) it was still one of the enjoyable and exciting memories I have had in the mountains.  That winter he literally dragged me up my first ski lap on Glory.  It was exhausting and I was a bit embarrassed how badly a 40 year old could kick my ass up the boot pack, and then turn around in the parking lot and say “ready for round two?” I begrudgingly said “yes”.   They were my first ski turns outside a ski area and were absolutely awesome!

Steve continues to be an inspiration for any Teton adventure (summer or winter).  TetonAT is a mecca of information and I know that Steve would be proud that skiers and mountaineers still use it as the best guide for Teton information guide on the web.  Live to Ski.

Young MC

Matt Chorney