The Unveiling Of Black Diamond's AT/Telemark Boot Line

The Factor will be at the top of the Power Series food chain and will handle the demands of hard charging skiers. Okay…I know I’m the last one to blog about the new Black Diamond boots (sorta), but hey…sometimes you gotta get away from the computer now and then. I haven’t read much about what […]

Cold Day Skiing The Sliver on Nez Perce

Reed Finlay rounds a windy corner in Shadow Peak Cirque on the way to the Sliver on Nez Perce. Last Friday started out with temps in the single digits and high winds predicted to bring the wind-chill down to -30F in the mountains. I met Reed at the airport before sunrise and headed up to […]

Black Diamond Equiptment Ski Athlete Summit

I’ve been going non-stop for the last few days since I left Jackson to attend a Black Diamond Athlete summit and now it’s back to work during the busiest time of year for us at the shop. It was super fun meeting the rest of the crew in SLC and talking to the Black Diamond […]

Skiing Static Peak's East Face

Our ski tracks can be seem below the East Face of Static Peak It’s not Austria, but I’m off to Salt Lake City for a few days to attend a Black Diamond athlete summit and I’m pretty excited for this event. We will be getting a tour of the Black Diamond offices and production facility, […]

Second Generation Black Diamond Whippet

So you know…Black Diamond is now shipping its second generation Whippets. I think Andrew Mclean had some influence on this one and Reed Finlay just got his in the mail last week. Not only does it have some significant improvements, but it now comes with a cool pick protector. 😯 Really though, two big improvements […]

New and Improved Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver

With our Avy Awareness Night going on this week, a lot of our vendors are in town to attend. We had a clinic with Marcus Petersen at the shop yesterday and I got a good dose of the Ortovox kool-aid. Honestly, I’ve been interested to hear the spiel again on the S1 since getting some […]


I was going to go up into Garnet Canyon today to do some skiing, but after the rain above 10,000′ yesterday and rumors of 5′ slabs being triggered at the ski area are making me have second thoughts. Shucks!!!!!! SKINNY SKIS AVALANCHE AWARENESS NIGHT Once again it is time for Skinny Ski’s Annual Avalanche Awareness […]

2007/08 Hit List: Mount Moran, Northeast Ridge

Click here for larger image It’s kind of unfortunate, but some ski lines remain on my hit-list year after year. The Northeast Ridge of Mount Moran has been on my list for a few years now, but I’ve only made one attempt to ski it so far. Last winter was a little thin…snowpack-wise, so I (and […]

TCSAR: Murphy Sends Helicopter Training

Murphy anxiously awaits his first rid in the helicopter. I had helicopter training for TCSAR this weekend. I was hoping it was going to be canceled due to the weather. With the 5″ of new snow on Teton Pass, I knew things would be skiing nice and I wanted to get Julia out on her […]

Skiing Orizaba Part III: Skiing is Believing

Photo: Jason McGowin It was our last day in the Piedra Grande Hut and last chance to bag the summit of Orizaba before making our way back to Mexico City for our flights back to the US. The Brits got a super early start and were out the door by 1 am. Jason and I […]

Ski Orizaba Part II: Priedra Grande Hut and Acclimatizing

Photo Dave Shackleton After a great Mexican breakfast we made a quick tour of the town of Tlachichuca in search of some supplies. Some of the locals were still enjoying the Day of the Dead and it seemed like you could buy everything from CD’s, to cowboy hats, to a side of beef on the […]

Skiing Orizaba Part I: Traveling to Tlachichuca

My adventure to ski Pico de Orizaba in Mexico began at 5am with a quick, hazy eyed drive to the SLC airport. I was to meet Jason McGowin, from Boulder, CO, in Houston before connecting to Mexico City. Both of us had quick connections and Jason kept me on edge showing up just minutes before […]

Success on Pico de Orizaba

Jason McGowin skies down the Jampa Glacier with the Mexican landscape 10,000′ below and Steve Romeo (aka: Randoesteban) is psyched to be at the 18’000+’ summit of Pico de Orizaba. Full trip report with lots of pictures, and maybe some video, to come. Stay tuned! Los cielos de Jason McGowin hacia abajo el Glaciar de […]

Back to Table Mountain

It’s Halloween weekend here in JH, but I don’t think I’ll be attending the big party at Snow King. Over the years, I’ve gone as a version of Elvis…like retro and flasher Elvis, but I’m not that much of a partier and sometimes it can get me in trouble. Rumor has it someone is going […]

More on the Suunto CORE

I’ve only had one of the new Suunto CORE watches for a few days now and I can’t believe how many people have asked me about it. When I first saw these watches at Summer Outdoor Retailer in August, I thought they were mainly just fluffed up old models…focusing on fashion…but after playing with it […]

Dynafit Goodies

I’ve got to tell you, last week I was waiting on pins and needles for some Dynafit products to arrive…mainly the new Zzero 4 CF boots and Vertical FT bindings. I only tried the Zzeros on once in Tim Kelley’s (Dynafit Sales Manager) office last year, when Dynafit was with Life-Link and based Jackson, so […]

TCSAR: More on the Rescue

I gotta tell you, you never know what you are in for when you get a call-out for Teton County Search and Rescue. When one came for two injured hunters, deep in the Gros Ventre this Tuesday evening, I decided I would respond, even though it was the second time in a week I was […]

Video: First Flight

I was able to get out with the kite on Saturday after SAR training. I went on Friday to try, but there wasn’t enough wind and I struggled to get the kite to launch. The wind was better the following day and I was able to get the kite up in the air. I felt […]

The Curse of the VOODOO

As the ski season gets closer and closer, I find myself getting to know my gear better and better. For the past two winters I’ve been riding a pair of 183 Havocs (circa 05/06) that I have found to be extremely versatile. They’ve been around the block so to speak, and this winter I am […]

New Toys: Part I

I bought a few new toys recently with the money I made selling some gear on The Swap Shop. I’m still waiting for some to arrive, but I picked up this OZONE Access II Snow Kite from Hoback Sports and I’ve been itching to get it out for a test drive! I broke my cherry […]