SMWC 2008-Arriving in Champery

Things have finally gotten under way and we made our way to Champery today. We caught a bus shuttle from the airport and I saw some Spaniards, Manu, Toti and Javier (fast guys) who I met at the WC in 2006. Like the rest of the Spanish team, and many of the racers, these guys […]

TR: Geneva, Switzerland

It was immediately evident the amount of wealth in Switzerland as soon as we got off the plane. Watch and banking adds specific to every ethnicity lined the walls. I wonder if there is such a thing as a bank for people with no money, this would be the place to find it. After getting […]

Moon Walk Couloir on 25 Short

I managed to get out for some more mini-golf type couloir skiing before work on Friday. The objective was Moon Walk Couloir which drops into the south fork of Avalanche Canyon from Devil’s Ridge between 25 Short and Peak 10,696. Surprisingly I’ve never skied it before, so was pretty jazzed to get ‘er done! The […]

Prospector's Limp Noodle? Spaghetti?

Sunrise from Granite Canyon trailhead. I was SO psyched to go skiing last Friday. Sunny days have been few and far between this season and I’ve missed most of them by being on the road or having to work. I was no doubt bummed when I saw the Moose-Wilson Road blown-in in on Friday morning […]

The Other Oils on Prospector Mountain

Reed and I skied these two lines yesterday Dubbed Canola and Peanut Oil. I skied a couple fun lines off of Olive Oil yesterday that I don’t think get skied very much…for a total of 7,000″ of vertical. The original plan was to go big out of the Death Canyon trailhead, but when Reed and […]

Skiing's Equivalent?

Somehow Jason Tattersall got my email address about a year ago and if there is one thing you can count on him for, besides skiing hard and speaking his mind, it’s entertaining emails about once a week. He forwarded this video to me (and many others) on Tuesday. Most of the time when I get […]

Powder Pics

Note: Thanks to all those that have donated so far to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund. The biggest donation has been $100 (family…gotta love em…your too Loeffler) and the smallest has been $5…which I am just a greatful for. Thank you all for your support! Ghost skier sighting on Wimpys. Once again I got my days […]

Training…and the Suunto T6

Monday’s workout. Short…and kinda sweet! Now that I’ve committed to going to Europe to race, I really need to focus on staying in shape and improving my fitness over the next few weeks. This mean increasing the frequency of my shorter interval and race-pace type workouts, as well as throwing in some long and slow […]

Help Support Randosteve in Switzerland

I just started looking for airline tickets to Switzerland and although they aren’t too bad right now, hopefuly I can get my itinerary dialed to pull the trigger soon. There is no doubt though, that this trip to race in the Ski Mountaineering World Championships is going to cost a pretty penny. And with the […]

News…and a Little More Outdoor Retailer

Time to start planning!!! The members of the 2008 US Ski Mountaineering Team have been announced by the United States Ski Mountaineering Association and it looks like I’m headed for Europe!!! Here is a link to the World Ski Mountaineering Championships website. One of the races has 10’000′ of vertical. The members of the team […]

2008 Winter Outdoor Retailer: Day 1

It’s 10 pm and I’m just getting home from my first of two days at the 2008 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show. I’m down here looking at product for the store, as well as doing a little promoting of and soliciting some new partnerships on the side. Some have been long in the making, and […]

Goodbye to Black Diamond Skier…Billy Poole

Photo: Adam Clark Courtesy: Black Diamond Equipment When I got home from dinner last night, I was going to write a bit about the demo day at Outdoor Retailer…until I heard the bad news. During a film shoot for Warren Miller, extreme freeride skier and Black Diamond sponsored athlete Billy Poole, died in an accident […]

WasatchAT: Kesler Peak, East Couloir

After a decent nights sleep, I awoke to about 6” of snow on the van parked in Sugarhouse. As I pulled out to go to my friend Guy Evan’s house, it was evident that the streets hadn’t been plowed and many two wheel drive cars were struggling…if not completely in the ditch. Guy lives at […]

North Face Heathen Challenge at Sunlight

After Saturday’s race, I got some decent rest in before the race at Sunlight on Sunday. We had five people crammed in our slope side room, a little crowed…but not too bad. Since my morning plan seemed to work the day before, I stayed the course and choked down a few calories before heading out […]

COSMIC: Aspen/Snowmass Winter Wild

Great USSMA race at Snowmass on Saturday. It was a qualifier for the US Ski Mountaineering Team to travel to Switzerland next month and race in the World Ski Mountaineering Championships. I’m trying to get on the team, along with many other fast racers, so this race was important and I wasn’t sure how I […]

The Drive and Scarpa 2009 AT Boot Highlights

I got out of Jackson on time…around eight. Pretty slick road conditions until out of Bondurant and a nice sundog casted some good vibes on the long drive ahead. I lost a bit of time just out of Rock Springs finding out that that 191 through Flaming Gorge was closed….so I back tracked and took […]

More Photos from Disappointment Peak

Sliver of a moon in the morning I’ve been a little busy the past few days with work and TCSAR helicopter short haul training at night. I’m done with the classroom stuff for short haul, so next time I’ll be hanging below the ship flying around like superman. Yeah…just a little nervous about it. I […]

Grand Targhee Ski Mountaineering Classic

Nice sunrise leaving Jackson. Fun ski mountaineering race at Grand Targhee this weekend and the first ever ‘Teams Race’ for the United States Ski Mountaineering Association. Close to forty racers showed up for the event, which is pretty good for the middle of nowhere Wyoming. It sounds like there’s going to be a story in […]

Video: The Couloirs of Disappointment Peak

NOTE: If anyone wants to ski free at Grand Targhee on Friday or Saturday and is willing to help set some skin tracks for the rando race…please call Andy Williams @ 307-353-2300. You can’t really see them, but these are the four couloirs I played in on my days off last week. Thanks to whoever […]

Stoking the Fire and Unskiabowl Rescue

Randosteve boots up a couloir on Disappointment Peak as spindrift falls from above. Photo: Reed Finlay I got out on Wimpy’s yesterday and with 2′ of fluffy snow blanketing the slope it was unbelievable . Broke trail from the Maverick cut-off the whole way with rando racer Scott Coldiron who is in town from Boulder/Spokane […]