Xavier de le Rue: Sluff and Ice

Some pretty cool stuff from Xavier de le Rue.

Rainy Day Viewing: Touching The Void

I’m not sure where I’m gonna ski on this kinda wet, high avy danger day (I don’t mind a little January thaw, if it means shoring up the winter snowpack), but I know watching Touching the Void will at least kill a couple hours and keep me entertained. This tale is one of the most […]

White Rose: A Ski Odssey to Antarctica

Nice job Sam Bass, from Skiing Interactive. Sam was my roommate and occasional ski partner on this Antarctic adventure. (This video is 28+ minutes, so let it load first.)

My Weekend In Photos

Well, it wasn’t technically “the” weekend, but it was my weekend, and it was a mixed bag of early starts, reconnaissance and ripping fast powder turns in Grand Teton National Park. Click all photos for large image. Hello Mr. Bighorn. If you would just stand still for a second I can get the money shot.

Congratulations to Greg "2 Mill" Hill!!

Congrats to our Canadian friend, extremely passionate backcountry skier, and Arc’teryx, Dynafit and Backcountry.com poster-boy, Greg Hill, in his quest to backcountry ski 2,000,000 vertical feet in one calendar year. It’s been a long road for Greg and I’m sure it took a tremendous effort on his end to reach the 2 million mark.  No […]


I’m working 10 out of the next 14 days in the shop, so my time to ski and work on TetonAT is kinda limited these days. (Damn the holidays!) But, the end is in sight and I should have some more time to commit to bigger lines and posts once the new year starts up. […]

Merry Christmas

Enough of this Santa stuff…it’s time to go SKIING! Merry Christmas!!!

Go Home

Great powder skiing a couple days ago.

Greg "2 Mil" Hill Closing In

Good Luck to Greg “2 Mil” Hill on the final days of his quest to ski 2 million vertical feet of human powered turns. I think he’s got a little over 60,000′ left to tick off, with only a few days to go. You got this one the bag Greg…get after it!

Whoa…That's Insane!

I can’t imagine that the lift mechanics were psyched about this first speed flying stunt. Aren’t you normally supposed to avoid buildings, towers and cables when you are flying? It’s pretty wild to see what these speed flying dudes are up to these days, but it does look like a sport where you just might […]

Freshfield Icefield: A Skier's Journey

Yep, THIS…is AWESOME!!!! (The 14″ of new snow this morning is awesome too…SICK!)

Provo Bros. Desert Spines – Southern Utah

The effects you can get by filming with today’s cameras is pretty amazing. Since I’m down in SLC for a few days, I think this video from Inspired Media Concepts is rather fitting and quite entertaining. Check it out! Support TetonAT and get up to 50% OFF select gear at Backcountry.com.

Reader Poll…Are Teton Skiers Ready?

My alarm woke me up at 5am yesterday and I was the only car in the lot at the top of Teton Pass, as the WYDOT plow driver cleared the 6-8” of new snow from the parking lot. It looked like I was going to be breaking trail in the dark and solo, so I […]

127: The Aron Ralston Story

Though most Hollywood movies don’t really interest me, this one about Aron Ralston sure does. I find stories of survival very inspiring and motivational in my own pursuits. Yeah…we should always tell people where we are going in the mountains (something that may have saved Aron’s arm? ) especially when going solo, but we can’t […]

Video: Alpha’s Ivory Shoulder, Tantalus Range, BC

Check out this sickter POV and line JD Hare skis in the Tantalus Range of British Columbia. I think I’ve driven by this zone a couple times on the way from Vancouver to Whistler for some rando racing back in 2004 or so. Sure makes you want to drive on up there to check it […]

Ski Here Now!

Hey Folks! Waiting for the winds to die down here in Franz Joseph, New Zealand, so we can fly into the Centennial Hut. Looks like some fine days in the forecast through the middle of the weeks. So, once we are there, we should have a good start to our adventure. Check out this new […]

La Grave: A Skier's Journey

This is rather interesting (and different)…check it out!

Extreme Freeride Stoke!

I’m just a few days out from heading to New Zealand and busy getting all my gear together and wrapping up things at work. Being such a gear geek it’s often hard to decide what to bring…and I’m a stress case because of it. Here’s some good stoke to tide you over for hump-day.

New Book: 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America

This looks rather interesting and is due out in mid October. Unfortunately my “classic” submission got cut from the book because it was too exotic. Not a bad problem to have I guess. I still look forward to seeing the final production version though. Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America is a large format […]

Perfect Moment 2009

If you’re like me in mid to late summer, even hail gets you thinking of winter and psyched for the first snowstorm of the year. We got snowed on a little bit hiking into the Winds last weekend and the Tetons are due for their first real coating up high any day now. Therefore, the […]