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Jackson Hole Has SLC and Denver Beat

I’m pretty sure as far as a ski destination goes, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has both Denver and SLC beat when it comes to the time it takes from when your plane touches down at the airport, to when you are on skis ripping up the slopes. It looks like SLC claims about 1:45, compared […]


Are you jonesing for some skiing? I sure am…but not enough for 17 turns on an uber dirty patch of snow in September.  At least…not yet.  These tracks are from a TAY’er…I would presume. I saw them riding the tram the other day with my Dad. Anyway, It looks like I will be getting my […]

Raptors Up Close And Personal At JHMR

Great Horned Owl. I’ve always thought two things about the birds of prey I see flying around Jackson Hole, mostly around the riparian areas when I’m floating the Snake River. The first being that if I was to be reincarnated as an animal in my second life (cuz I sure hope I get more than […]

Corbet's Couloir Delivers With 16" at JHMR

Randosteve slides into Corbet’s Couloir at JHMR. After well over four years of not riding a single ski lift to ski (at least for fun), I broke my streak and scored on a nice ski day at JHMR yesterday. The avalanche forecast reported 16” of new snow in the last 24 hours and considering I’ve […]

Some Great POV Footage

Man…I need some POV tips from this guy…and maybe some ski lessons?! “Guy”…meaning…Andrew Whiteford, a JHMR sponsored skier.

Ski Patrolman Seriously Injured in JHMR Avalanche

Update: Unfortunately, Mark Wolling was unable to recover from his injuries. Peace be with you Big Wally…I hope the snow is soft and the winds are light in heaven. At approximately 8:26am today, Mark “Big Wally” Wolling was swept down Cheyenne Bowl while in the process of conducting avalanche reduction work on Route 7 prior […]

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Bans Snowballs

Now, I know it’s April 2nd, and some people may think that this is a belated April Fools Day joke, but rumor has it Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has threatened to shut down it’s $30 million dollar investment because of…snowballs? Word travels fast these days and I learned that a window was broken on the […]