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Chased By The Sun

It seems like Norway and the island of Svalbard are the hot new spots for destination wilderness ski mountaineering right now. As a land with 24-hours of sun, located above the arctic circle, with glaciers, fjords, beaches and steep lines and peaks that few have ever seen…who could ask for more?! I tried to make […]

Skiing in Spitsbergen and the Mountains of Norway

I had the opportunity to ski in Norway this year, but bailed on it because of life obligations. Soooo…when Doug Stoup contacted me about his recent ski trip there after a couple of North Pole expeditions, I was psyched to hear about his experience and even more psyched that he has done the research, homework […]

Another Fred Syversen Wreck

Here is another video of a seriously gnarly ski wreck by Fred Syversen while skiing in Tamok, Norway. (The drama starts at 1:20.) I say “another” because Fred Syversen is the guy who supposedly broke the world record for the biggest cliff huck a couple years ago (see lower video), when he unintentionally launched over […]

Ski Norway Under the Midnight Sun With White Blue

White Blue offers summit-to-sea skiing along Norway’s west coast. Now I know Norway is the birth place of telemark and all, but hey, there’s no reason us AT skiers can’t take advantage of the mid-night sun and ski amongst the fjords and channels both above and below the Arctic Circle. And after watching this video […]