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I’ve Skied Everywhere

Well, obviously I haven’t skied everywhere, and I only managed to have skied at 24 of the 92 (I think?) resorts listed in this Johnny Cash tribute. (My list in the comments section.) What about you?!


Neature Walk

I’m sorry, but nature is just so darn neat!


Andreas Fransson’s Denali South Face Ski Descent

This is pretty rad. Many of you know that this past spring/summer, Andreas Fransson made the first descent of Denali’s South Face. Well…here is the video. I know some people, many of whom are veteran guides on Denali, have had their eye on this line for years. Well…Andreas nails it, solo…and also skied the Messner […]


HUGE Mount Rainier, Nisqually Glacier Rockslide

On the Nisqually recently and called the “biggest ever”. More information can be found here.


The Man And The Mammoth

This ought to make you feel good! (At least until the end.)


Gotta Love Manitobans!

But…what is a “tin bit”? Support TetonAT and check out the deal of the moment at SteepAndCheap.com.


Dawn Patrollers

Man…I love these videos! This Dawn Patrol spoof has a few moments in the sun, but none of these videos that I have seen so far, and I’ve seen a lot of them, have been quite as good as this one (or this one). If you think you’ve got a competitor…please share it with the […]


Extreme Freeride Stoke!

I’m just a few days out from heading to New Zealand and busy getting all my gear together and wrapping up things at work. Being such a gear geek it’s often hard to decide what to bring…and I’m a stress case because of it. Here’s some good stoke to tide you over for hump-day.


Aoraki/Mount Cook Ski Descent Video

The Linda Glacier ski descent route on Aoraki/Mount Cook follows the red line, but goes into the “Gun Barrels” (blue line) instead of the Summit Rocks section. Photo courtesy Alpinism and Ski. In honor of heading to New Zealand in a couple weeks, I figured I’d post this video of Bruce Grant skiing Aoraki/Mount Cook […]


Telemark Redemption

I agree…telemarkers CAN RIP!!!! (At least in good snow.) There…I said it. Click HERE if you have no idea what this refers to. Support TetonAT and get GET READY FOR SUMMER at Backcountry.com.


So Easy…Even A One Year Old Can Do It???

Couldn’t resist this one…have a great weekend!!! Support TetonAT and stay dry this summer with rain jackets up to 40% OFF at Backcountry.com. Expires 6/2/10!!!


Happy Gentoo!

Here’s a happy little video. It’s not really about skiing, but more of a survival story of a gentoo penguin and it’s struggle to stay alive when being attacked by a pod of orcas. It takes a couple minutes of the video to see the penguin get away, and he does the only thing he […]


Callum Petit: Hole in One!

If you didn’t get around to seeing Teton Gravity Research’s “Re: Session” this past winter, you no doubt missed seeing one of the most talked about sections of the video. It involved Black Diamond skier Callum Petit and a “hole in one”…not on the links…but on a glacier…and not something really worth celebrating. Callum isĀ  […]



Man…with his heels locked down, you would have at least though he could have stuck the landing. Yowza…that smarts!!! Courtesy Teton Gravity Research Support TetonAT and get SPRING LOADED at Backcountry.com.


Video Dedication: Skiing Amora Vida Couloir

Two days after skiing the Amora Vida Couloir on the South Teton, a fellow skier and friend, Wray Landon was killed in an avalanche while skiing the same route. It has taken me a little while to be able to look at the footage, and a few tears were shed while making this video and […]


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