By: randosteve|Posted on: September 24, 2006|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 2 comments


This summer I was asked, along with some of my rando racing teammates, to participate in a study of the PowerLung by it’s developer, Dr. Doug Garfield. The PowerLung is a breathing resistance tool that helps increase lung strength, capacity, oxygen intake, and inevitalbly performance for the competative athlete. PowerLung differs from other devices in that it provides resistance in both the inhale and exhale phases of respiration.

PowerLung Device

When I recieved the device, I immediately turned up all the settings thinking I was ‘the man’. I was humbled quickly as my eyes bulged and I saw stars trying to complete the multiple sets and repetitions layed out by Dr. Garfield. Quickly, I realized that I had to turn the settings down so as not to injure myself…no joke. After about a month of ‘warm up’ the program starts to increase reps and pace, much like your typical workout. The PowerLung comes in three models BreathAir, Training, and Sport, all increasing resistance levels respectively. My Trainer model has levels 1-6 for inhale and 1-3 for exhale, currently I have mine set on 4 (inhale) and 2 (exhale).

So far I have noticed an increase in my high-end performance and I feel like my heart is beating faster to deliver the increased oxygen.