Laps on Glory With Black Diamond Bandit Pack

Mellow vibes on the pass with plenty of parking. Is it the snowpack…or the turtles? I was on a mission to do some laps on nature’s stairmaster…aka, the Glory bootpack on Teton Pass. It’s probably been over a month since I’ve skied on the Pass, but bootpacking is a great way to strengthen the legs, […]

Training…and the Suunto T6

Monday’s workout. Short…and kinda sweet! Now that I’ve committed to going to Europe to race, I really need to focus on staying in shape and improving my fitness over the next few weeks. This mean increasing the frequency of my shorter interval and race-pace type workouts, as well as throwing in some long and slow […]

2008 Winter Outdoor Retailer: Day 1

It’s 10 pm and I’m just getting home from my first of two days at the 2008 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show. I’m down here looking at product for the store, as well as doing a little promoting of and soliciting some new partnerships on the side. Some have been long in the making, and […]

The Drive and Scarpa 2009 AT Boot Highlights

I got out of Jackson on time…around eight. Pretty slick road conditions until out of Bondurant and a nice sundog casted some good vibes on the long drive ahead. I lost a bit of time just out of Rock Springs finding out that that 191 through Flaming Gorge was closed….so I back tracked and took […]

The Unveiling Of Black Diamond's AT/Telemark Boot Line

The Factor will be at the top of the Power Series food chain and will handle the demands of hard charging skiers. Okay…I know I’m the last one to blog about the new Black Diamond boots (sorta), but hey…sometimes you gotta get away from the computer now and then. I haven’t read much about what […]

Second Generation Black Diamond Whippet

So you know…Black Diamond is now shipping its second generation Whippets. I think Andrew Mclean had some influence on this one and Reed Finlay just got his in the mail last week. Not only does it have some significant improvements, but it now comes with a cool pick protector. 😯 Really though, two big improvements […]

New and Improved Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver

With our Avy Awareness Night going on this week, a lot of our vendors are in town to attend. We had a clinic with Marcus Petersen at the shop yesterday and I got a good dose of the Ortovox kool-aid. Honestly, I’ve been interested to hear the spiel again on the S1 since getting some […]

Blah..Orizaba..blah..Trail Running..blah..Salomon XT Wing

Oh yeah…I saw this big guy crossing the road on the way to the trailhead. Hope he’s ready to run through the gauntlet of hunters!

More on the Suunto CORE

I’ve only had one of the new Suunto CORE watches for a few days now and I can’t believe how many people have asked me about it. When I first saw these watches at Summer Outdoor Retailer in August, I thought they were mainly just fluffed up old models…focusing on fashion…but after playing with it […]

Dynafit Goodies

I’ve got to tell you, last week I was waiting on pins and needles for some Dynafit products to arrive…mainly the new Zzero 4 CF boots and Vertical FT bindings. I only tried the Zzeros on once in Tim Kelley’s (Dynafit Sales Manager) office last year, when Dynafit was with Life-Link and based Jackson, so […]

The Curse of the VOODOO

As the ski season gets closer and closer, I find myself getting to know my gear better and better. For the past two winters I’ve been riding a pair of 183 Havocs (circa 05/06) that I have found to be extremely versatile. They’ve been around the block so to speak, and this winter I am […]

New Suunto CORE Line

I thought this one looked the coolest I am defiantly one of those people that feels naked without a watch and besides climbing, there is really only one other activity that I take it off for. 😉 Suunto is the largest manufacturer of precision instruments for all outdoor activities from diving, to skiing, to mountaineering, […]

Be a Hero with GoPro Cameras

Adjustable in every angle You may remember me experimenting with some video last spring and some of you recommended me getting some sort of helmet cam. Well, I’ve been thinking about investing in one and I saw the perfect setup while I was down at the Outdoor Retailer.   I don’t want to spend a […]

Scarpa Spirit 4

Dave Simpson, from Scarpa PR, called me last week to see if I wanted to test some of Scarpa’s new boot offerings for the 07/08 season. I have been skiing Scarpas for the past few years now and they tend to fit my foot well, so I jumped at the chance. Dave had a pretty […]

Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transciever

Christmas came a little late for those who wished for the new Ortovox S1 avalanche transceiver….but at least it came this season. We just got the new S1 in the shop yesterday, and sold one the same day. Pretty surprising considering the current snow conditions and overall vibe I get in town these days when […]

Light is Right for Rando Racing

Light is right when it comes to rando race gear, and Dynafit has some of the lightest around. Every ounce counts as you race up the mountain and ounces add up to pounds as you gain elevation. Although being a good downhill skier is key, I feel that most of the races are won on […]

Training with the Recco Avalanche Rescue System

Since the heli was canceled yesterday, I took some time to work on my taxes, but did get out for a quick run on the Pass at around noon. The wind was ripping pretty good, and I skied Twin Slides back down to the parking lot. My last pass run was about a week ago, […]

Pyramid Peak and The Hypergravity Machine

Well we had about 12hrs of clear, windless skies…too bad they were at night. The short break in the weather wasn’t enough for larger endeavors yesterday, so Dustin and I went for a morning lap on The Pyramid. This is my first time on The Pyramid and only Dustin’s second, and he’s born and bread […]

Terminator X and F3-New Boots from Scarpa

Looks like I’m skiing The Pyramid today, something I have actually never skied before. Maybe the ‘champagne chutes’ down into Jensen Canyon. Here is a picture of the upcoming ‘Terminator X’ boot from Scarpa for Fall 2007. The new boot is more or less a beefed up F1 which is also compatible with the much […]

First turns with my new Black Diamond Kilowatts

I got out for a couple runs on the pass before work today and I think I was the first person up Glory. Sometimes it’s hard to tell cuz the bootpack fills in so quickly. It was cold and windy. I was tempted to ski Glory Bowl since it looked like it had been freshly […]