By: randosteve|Posted on: December 5, 2006|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 4 comments

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The Click-Clack

I received these Click-Clack heel piece adapters for Dynafit bindings from Randogear last spring and have toured with them quite a bit now. They are compatible with all Dynafit bindings and besides the titanium ones, are lighter than most of the stock plates. The benefit of them is that the skier can switch from the lowest to the middle climbing position with just a flick of the pole…its spring loaded. Note, you have to still manually rotate the heel piece to switch to the highest position. I believe they are on sale for $99…here.

Still have to hand twist to high post High position

When I first got these gadgets, I was a little skeptical. I did a trip, skiing around the Lake Solitude area, and the pin that holds the lever onto the plate broke after only 2000′ of climbing. Randogear replaced it right away and I haven’t had any problems since…so I think it was just a fluke. The lever flicks back and forth easily enough with your pole, I did notice it sticking a little bit when snow got packed in the springs though. This went away quickly after a few clicks and I only experienced it on really cold conditions, so it’s probably not a big deal.

Middle position

Now I think these things are nice for general touring, compared to the stock plates of the standard Dynafit TLT binding. I still have to bend down to get into the high position when using the TLT anyway (if someone has a good technique for this, I’m all ears…Andrew …Lou?), so they are the same in that sense. The Click-Clack offers more convenience with the flick mechanism, allowing for more efficiency when climbing, and is lighter to boot. Compared to the Dynafit Comfort model though, which the skier can easily rotate the heal piece to all positions with a ski pole, I don’t think they are worth it. One aspect of the Click-Clack that is kinda a bummer is that it doesn’t allow you to use your pole to transition from downhill to free heel mode (like this), since there is no post to use for leverage.