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Funny, this post has been saved on my WordPress dashboard for about two years now and it’s interesting that today is the day I choose to post it. Recently, I saw something on FOX News (hey…it’s entertaining sometimes) about seasonal depression and this year it seems to be at an all time low…so I guess that is why.

No Skiing

Every year…about this time (or earlier), I fall into a sort of seasonal-depression. The lack of skiing affects me greatly, less physically…more mentally. I really look forward to spring skiing, but most of the time the snowline creeps up the mountain faster that expected and I’m not able to achieve many of the goals I set for myself…and it bums me out.  Am I the only one?

Skiing is a large part of my life right now, and like a cigarette addict quitting smoking cold turkey, I really have trouble dealing with not skiing and transitioning into summer-mode as the snow melts. It’s not really the lack of snow though, as I’m willing to hike miles and miles for turns if I have to. The reality of the situation is that duty calls and we all have to pay the bills. My work load increases big-time in the spring and summer months, and I have less and less time for skiing adventures and it kills me to not have time to put stuff together. Finding partners for the long humps to snow can also be a major challenge this time of year and timing trips coinciding with sunny days can sometimes be tough when you have other responsibilities.

I must say, not being able to ski truly seems to affect my psyche. The idea that there is snow out there to ski…and I’m not skiing it…drives me to the brink of insanity sometimes. I know it’s pathetic that someone can have such a one-track mind, but some addictions just completely take over. I tend to keep to myself most of the time and this probably doesn’t help me get over the warm weather blues. Trail running is one way I deal with getting rid of all the angst, but sometimes it takes a while for me to get stoked to lace up the shoes. I do some fly-fishing and own a drift-boat that also help me mellow out and not completely wig out from the lack of turns. Many of my friends say I should take up mountain biking, they say it’s a lot like skiing, but I’m not totally sold on the idea yet.

I did some research and found that seasonal depression (AKA, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD…fitting aye?)) happens in the fall and winter for most, but occasionally occurs in the late spring as well. Statistics say that 4-6% of the US population suffers from SAD and is more common in people that live at higher latitudes (meaning further away from the equator). Some say that the availability of sunlight is one of the causes, but for me I think it is more due to the lack of skiing. I wonder if they have a ‘ski pill’…to help those of us with these separation issues.  Sure would be the easy way out of the funk.


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