By: randosteve|Posted on: December 21, 2009|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 12 comments

Consistently flat and sharp scraper edges every time!

Okay…now I know some of you are going to think I’m nuts, and I think people that wax their skis a lot might be the only one’s to appreciate this. Upon returning back to work from my extended leave last week, there was one new addition to the tech-shop that I have really come to enjoy…The Edgr!!!

The Edgr is a motorized ski/snowboard wax scraper sharpener. What’s the big deal? Well…for those that wax their skis, it’s an incredible device that will keep your scraper perfectly flat and as sharp as can be. Scraping rock hard cold wax can be a really pain in the butt, especially when your skis are 155cm wide at the tip, like the BD Megawatt, so it’s important and beneficial to keep your wax scraper sharp. The problem is…with many wax scraper sharpeners out there, they inevitably make the scraper edge uneven…or flat. And because your ski bases are flat (at least you hope), a flat scraper works best.


great-wax-scrapesThough almost like cheating and kind of gluttonous at $219-239, the Edgr is more or less a router, mounted to an aluminum guide that keeps the scarper straight and level as you run it through. The plexiglas shavings come shooting out a small hole on the side of the guide. Each pass of the scraper should be about 2-3 seconds. Too many ridges on the edge of the scraper means that you’re moving the scraper too fast. Debris stuck to the router blades means you’re going too slow.

I pretty much sharpen wax scrapers every time I wax my skis, so a tool like this really comes in handy. If you do a lot of ski work, you really need to check the Edgr out, or get your boss to buy one for the shop. It seriously is the best thing since fat skis and rocker tip!!!