By: randosteve|Posted on: December 27, 2009|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 23 comments

So…rumor has it there are only a handful of the new Dynafit DyNA rando racing boots in the states this year (click here for 3D view), but low and behold, since I’ve been back in Jackson (about 3 weeks now) I’ve seen three pairs of them. And not just in a box on the shelf. I’m talking about actual pairs that people have bought and plan to use!!!

Fitting DyNA race boots at the shop.

dynafit-dyna-toeI saw one pair yesterday on Teton Pass, owned by what looked like an Exum Mountain Guide’s client, an older gentleman. He had bought them locally (the one pair actually for sale in Teton County and most likely…the entire state of Wyoming) and will use them for touring. The second pair, also to be used for touring, was purchased by a hardcore local backcountry skier, who will also use them for touring and bought them from Telemark Pyrenees. He commented that although he was going to pair them up with a pair of Dynafit Manaslu skis, in good snow conditions, he thought he’d be able to drive bigger skis like BD Justices with them as well. Veeerrrrryyyyyy innnnnterrrrrressssstingggggg!!!!!!

Dynafit DyNA race boot spotted on Teton Pass.

Both of these guys paid top dollar for the DyNA boot…and you gotta wonder how many pairs are left available to purchase. The last pair is owned by one of the United State’s elite rando-racers, so hopefully he got them at a good deal…if not free. So if you’re interested in scoring a pair of these puppies…better get on it, cuz it looks like they are going fast. And if you haven’t seen them in person yet, bet sure to check out one of the rando races in the states this year (here is the schedule), cuz no doubt…someone will be rockin’ a pair.Word!