By: randosteve|Posted on: March 23, 2010|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 2 comments

I feel your pain. You’ve been breaking trail through epically deep powder to the top of your line for four hours and now you’re at the top and ready to rip. Problem is, your goggles are so scratched up from being inside your pack that you can’t see squat and are relegated to junior league turns while your buds rage downhill, leaving you in the dust.

If you are tired of looking through scratched lenses or replacing cracked lenses, you need to check out the Gondom and 49R Google Case from Tailgate Industries ( in Bozeman, MT. Affordably priced at $24 and $17 respectively, these handy products will keep your lenses crystal clear and protect them from getting worked over by your shovel blade, crampons and even that RedBull can you’re carrying to energize you before your second lap.


gondom-from-tailgate-industriesThe 49R Goggle case is like a garage for your goggles. It is made with super sturdy plastic that stands up to heavy abuse no matter where you stash your goggles and has a nice flap closure system that is effective and easy to use with gloves on. The Gondom, is lighter-weight and designed for those that store their goggles on their helmets. It is stretchy and fits snugly over any style of goggle. Both products are fleece lined.

Both the 49R and Gondom are much better alternatives to that lightweight bag that came with your goggles, and they are lower profile than those big cases that sometimes come with those high dollar goggles. Since I’m always looking to cut back on weight and bulk, I’m been using the Gondom and find it more than adequate in protecting my goggles when storing them in my backpack. If you like to have clear vision, check them out at