By: randosteve|Posted on: May 27, 2010|Posted in: Inspire | 4 comments

My timing and schedule have been a bit off with the weather windows this week and it looks like this weekend might be a wash as far as getting into the big mountains. Of course you don’t know until you go, but it looks like temperatures didn’t get below freezing at 10K’ last night and the skiing conditions are questionable. I’m still really digging this tilt-shift photography stuff and although it might be played to death in some other industries, I think it is yet to be totally overdone in relation to ski photos. Anyway, here are some pics I shifted recently and here is a link to some others I have played with in the past. Ciao for now!

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Reed Finlay skis in front of the Grand Teton on McKlintok Peak.

Randosteve climbs the Chevy Couloir on the Grand Teton.

Chris Onufer nears the summit of the Grand Teton.

Randosteve skis the Stettner Couloir on the Grand Teton.

Dustin Lemke checks out the Middle Teton from Iceflow lake.

Randosteve approaches Wind River Peak in the Wind River Range.