By: randosteve|Posted on: December 16, 2010|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews, Humor | 21 comments

sjWell, we had so much fun with my last trip out of the closet and into the confession booth, that I figured I’d share another one of my dark secrets and let you deeper into the world of Randosteve. I got a pair of these around the middle of last last season and honestly, I’ve been waiting all summer to wear them again.  They are that comfortable!   I think most of you probably know these as something Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or even your girlfriend would wear, but I got to tell you, they are awesome. Yes folks, I admit it. I wear… UGGS!!!

Pre-ski and apres-ski heaven!

It took me a few years to actually pull the trigger and order a pair of Uggs, having mainly seen them worn by young girls tying to emulate their favorite Hollywood personality. Some of the models of Uggs out there try to have a masculine look to them, but I figured all those teeny-boppers couldn’t be wrong and ended up going with the Classic Short model. Though kinda slippery on ice and not waterproof, these are the best pre-ski and apres-ski kicks I’ve ever owned, aside from flip-flops during the warmer months in the spring and summer.

You can wear Uggs with or without socks, and they are one of the few pairs of shoes that don’t start to stink like sweaty AT boots in a matter of days. Uggs are lined with sheepskin (read…wool), which many of you know, has a natural defense against odor. Ugg has a few other models that are better in snow and ice, and waterproof for that matter, so if you’re feeling like veering from the norm, shop around. Me? For now, I’ll just embrace the teenage tendencies and stick with the model I have.