Coming Out of the Closet

It’s not what you think. I’m not about the drop the bomb and tell you I’ve been moonlighting and freeing my heal and telemarking when no one’s looking. And noooo, I’m not…well, nevermind. Now that we have that out of the way, I admit that for the past couple years, I have…

Snow Miser

SO AWESOME! (Except for the Heat Miser part.) 😈 Have a great weekend!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Have a Happy and Ripping Thanksgiving!!!

How Do You Get Ready For The Ski Season?

Well, for me it’s trail running (or mountain running as I like to call it) and skiing, usually on grass or rocks. You just have to be sure not to hurt yourself on the rocks and wreck your entire season, so it does come with some risks. What do others do to get in shape? […]

Reader Poll…Are Teton Skiers Ready?

My alarm woke me up at 5am yesterday and I was the only car in the lot at the top of Teton Pass, as the WYDOT plow driver cleared the 6-8” of new snow from the parking lot. It looked like I was going to be breaking trail in the dark and solo, so I […]

When The Temperature Drops…It's Time For ThermaJock!

Note:  The following post is rated PG-13. Every so often, there’s those days of -20°F temps here in Jackson Hole, when the inversion sets in hard and the valley becomes an ice box. These are often great times for going big in the Tetons, but the cold alpine-starts in the frigid darkness can leave your […]

Bad Mountain Film Festival

10 Things You Need To Know To Become A Ski Bum

OMG…this is hilarious!!! Mostly true, this piece from the discounted gear website features some classic snubs and digs that will make anyone laugh at the life to expect as a ski bum. It’s written by Max Mogren, a J-Holer who recently battled with the uber-wealthy Foster Friess, who in retaliation to some comments made […]

Best Reader Email 2010?

Over the years, I have gotten quite a lot of emails from people who visit Some who write to me ask about ski routes, while others ask about gear recommendations or just want to chat and share information about things that are happening.  I enjoy meeting all the new people and I like the […]

Interesting Wyoming License Plate Fact

Ever wonder why there are the little county numbers on the Wyoming license plates, or why Teton County is number 22, while the uber-scenic and desirable Natrona County is number 1? Well I did, and I came across some interesting information the other day that I think you might find interesting. What would the county […]

Telemark Redemption

I agree…telemarkers CAN RIP!!!! (At least in good snow.) There…I said it. 🙂

So Easy…Even A One Year Old Can Do It???

Teton Trivia

AT WHAT SPEED (in feet) DOES THE TETON GLACIER MOVE DOWNHILL EACH YEAR? Please leave your answer in the comments section. 🙂

Rookie Moves and Brain Farts

I’m a little afraid to admit it, but “rookie moves” and “brain farts” still happen to the best of us. Not that I’m saying I’m the best, but still…it’s not my first go around at this stuff either. Forgetting your skins, your ski poles or even leaving your pack at home…I’ve seen it all. It […]


Man…with his heels locked down, you would have at least though he could have stuck the landing. Yowza…that smarts!!!

Definition of Backcountry, Frontcountry, Sidecountry and Slackcountry Skiing

Sure wish I knew who keeps making these videos! 🙂 If I hear one more person say that they “skied the backcountry today” after riding the tram…I’m gonna puke! To purists like myself (maybe?) there is a BIG difference between backcountry, frontcountry, sidecountry and slackcountry. Yeah, we can have fun in all of them, but […]

Darwin Awards Candidate?

This video was recovered after it was “removed by user”. Not by me…but by someone who felt like it was important to share with the rest of the skiing community…so I will oblige. The key part of this video starts at about 1:30. Now…I’ve never “ghost riden” a snowmobile before, but I’m pretty sure the […]

Telemark Skier Spotted in GTNP

Note: No Telemarkers were injured while making this post. 😉 A once prolific species, the Teton Telemarker used to roam the high country in high numbers, leaving their genuflecting tracks all across the range. However, since the introduction of the European Alpine Tourer, the Teton Telemarker’s sustainable future is now in question. Over the weekend, […]

New Ski Slope Difficulty Signs

I saw this on TGR and thought it was pretty funny.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas skiers and riders! May Santa bring you deep snow and many face shots! Ciao for now and thanks for visiting!