By: randosteve|Posted on: March 2, 2012|Posted in: Disappointment Peak, The Tetons | 8 comments

I put this video together of the three days of skiing that was my weekend…I think a couple weeks ago now. Nothing too outlandish, and it starts with a couple pics from a nice ski tour to No Woods Basin. The meat of the footage is a mission in the northern end of the park. We got skunked on our primary objective, but scrounged a nice powder filled Northwest Couloir on Eagles Rest and danced off a small 24″ slab to skirt disaster. The last clip is a high speed, top-to-bottom powder run down the Spoon Couloir, which was awesome. Have a great weekend and caio-for-now!

After you press “play”, be sure to up the resolution to
480p by clicking the gear/sprocket symbol in the bottom right.