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Live To Ski Weekend Video

I put this video together of the three days of skiing that was my weekend…I think a couple weeks ago now. Nothing too outlandish, and it starts with a couple pics from a nice ski tour to No Woods Basin. The meat of the footage is a mission in the northern end of the park. […]

The Huascaran…Dynafit's New F12 Landfish

Click all photos for larger image. Remember when Dynafit was known for making ultra-skinny and short skis for rando’ers that liked to spoon tight wiggle turns and put in low angle skin tracks? Well, they still make skis for that, but for next fall, Dynafit will add a new stick its collection called the Huascaran […]

Skiing Mount Helen in the Winds

Chris Kroger skis the Northwest Couloir of Mount Helen. After scoping out how much white stuff was still lingering in the Winds River Range while skiing the Spoon Couloir on Disappointment Peak a couple weeks ago, and wanting to end the season on a high note after some busted June trips, I called around and […]

New Additions to Nuun!!!

Bigger and Banana flavored Nuun hydration tablets! I don’t know about you, but whether its summer or winter, I have the hardest time drinking water and staying hydrated. I even have trouble drinking enough when I’m not skiing or running. I’m not sure why, but I just forget to drink a lot of the time. […]

Video: The Couloirs of Disappointment Peak

NOTE: If anyone wants to ski free at Grand Targhee on Friday or Saturday and is willing to help set some skin tracks for the rando race…please call Andy Williams @ 307-353-2300. You can’t really see them, but these are the four couloirs I played in on my days off last week. Thanks to whoever […]

Wind River Range Trip Gear List

Well I’m off skiing in the Winds tomorrow for the next three days and I’m psyched. I love to go winter camping and the weather looks good. I am also with my two bros…Reed Finlay and Dustin Lemke. Last April I took a trip to a nearby area, but had to hike in AT boots […]

Spoon Couloir-Disappointment Peak

I was psyched to get out today! It was my last of three days off from work and the skies were blue and the snow was powder. Today was my first ‘official’ ski trip with Brian Harder. Though we have hooked up a few times randomly and talk about racing in the shop all the […]