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Live To Ski Weekend Video

I put this video together of the three days of skiing that was my weekend…I think a couple weeks ago now. Nothing too outlandish, and it starts with a couple pics from a nice ski tour to No Woods Basin. The meat of the footage is a mission in the northern end of the park. […]

Once Bitten Twice Shy in Quartzite Canyon

Randosteve launching with the sunrise from Colter Bay in GTNP. Click all photos for larger image. After a long day skiing in Waterfalls Canyon and one day off to recover a little, Reed Finlay and I went back up into the northern range to investigate a ski line that we have both been eying for […]

Doane Peak, East Ridge Couloir

Reed Finlay heads towards the fog layer on Jackson Lake and the East Ridge Couloir (red line) of Doane Peak. Click all photos for larger image. Yeah, I’ve got a hit-list of ski descents that I want to get done, but sometimes you need to act impulsively and go with the flow and not have […]

Doane Peak

High pressure and bluebird skis was enough to get Randokitty and I out in the mountains for a couple nights last week. The plan was to camp about a mile from the mouth of Waterfalls Canyon and ski whatever looked good. Cold, sub-zero temps greeted us as we arrived at Jackson Lake for the crossing […]

Video: North Couloir, Eagles Rest

Not quite the Otterbody, but here’s a little vidy from skiing the North Couloir of Eagles Rest Peak in the Northern Tetons. Randokitty and I camped out for a couple nights last weekend and did some skiing in Waterfalls Canyon. More from the trip later!

Report Your Sheep! Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Project

Not one from the Teton herd, but I have seen some while skiing the SE Face of the South Teton, Static Peak, and Eagles Rest. With the big snows this year, there is no doubt a lot of wildlife have had a hard time and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. It’s requested that if you’re […]