New Book: 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America

This looks rather interesting and is due out in mid October. Unfortunately my “classic” submission got cut from the book because it was too exotic. Not a bad problem to have I guess. I still look forward to seeing the final production version though. Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America is a large format […]

New Wyoming Paragliding Distance Record

Congratulations to Chip Hildebrand for the breaking the Wyoming state cross-country paragliding distance record. Chip’s flight from Philips Ridge (Teton Pass) to Thermopolis covered over 137 miles and took 6:19. Chip was able to take advantage of a tail wind and primo thermals to steal the old record held by, I think, Josh Riggs for […]

Perfect Moment 2009

If you’re like me in mid to late summer, even hail gets you thinking of winter and psyched for the first snowstorm of the year. We got snowed on a little bit hiking into the Winds last weekend and the Tetons are due for their first real coating up high any day now. Therefore, the […]

Mount Hooker-Boissonneault-Larson

I’m back from a nice relaxing and sunburn filled trip to the Winds, Baptiste Lake and Mount Hooker. Through the power of the internet and some sleuthing, I believe we watched Pat Goodman and Dave Sharratt climb (or at least attempt to climb) the Boissonnneault-Larson or Third Eye route (VI 5.10+ A4) on Mount Hooker.  […]

More Stokage!

Some pretty good stokage rolling in this video. Including a near miss, an interesting icefall descent and some cruxy maneuvers on a snowboard that I’m not sure were deliberate. Old school all the way (and a great time waster), but full of stokage!!!

Raptors Up Close And Personal At JHMR

Great Horned Owl. I’ve always thought two things about the birds of prey I see flying around Jackson Hole, mostly around the riparian areas when I’m floating the Snake River. The first being that if I was to be reincarnated as an animal in my second life (cuz I sure hope I get more than […]

Reader Poll: Crossing Tracks…The Ultimate Faux Paus

So…I was having a conversation with the Kitty the other day about skiing over and crossing other peoples ski tracks when in the backcountry. I got on her case a little on our Sierra trip this spring about it (yeah…she crossed my tracks) and she was getting a kick out of a story I was […]

Light The Wick Trailer: Teton Gravity Research

Looks like another rad flick from TGR…sure can’t wait to see the full length 3D version. Have a great weekend!

Kitty's First Catalog Shot

Congrats to Randokitty for getting her first Black Diamond catalog shot! (S10 Lighting and Trekking…inside cover.) I can’t believe she beat me to it. Sorry…my scanner is not very good. My only saving grace is that it wasn’t one of the ski catalogs…or else I’d never live it down. For the record, my favorite BD […]

Second Descent of the Aguille Blance de Peuterey

From what I’ve been hearing, conditions in the Alps this spring have been absolutely stellar for ski mountaineering to say the least, with rad lines being ticked off by some great skiers and snowboarders. Some have been first descents, while others have been repeats of lines that haven’t been skied in decades. On June 4th, […]

When The Clouds Part…

The clouds finally parted yesterday and showed us what has been happening high in the mountains during all the rain storms we have been having here in Jackson over the past month. What did it show us you ask? Well, it showed us that the snow/rain line was very high at one point and it […]

2010 Broad Peak and K2 Ski Expeditions

I’ve got my eye on a couple of ski expeditions that are about to get started in the Himalaya right now. One is an attempt on Broad Peak (8051M) by Benedikt Boehm and Pete Swenson, and the other is Fredrik Ericsson’s attempt on K2. Both of these expeditions are return trips/attempts for some of the […]

More Fun With Tilt-Shift Miniature Faking

My timing and schedule have been a bit off with the weather windows this week and it looks like this weekend might be a wash as far as getting into the big mountains. Of course you don’t know until you go, but it looks like temperatures didn’t get below freezing at 10K’ last night and […]

Chad Kellogg's Mount Everest Speed Record Attempt

With all the crazy publicity stunts that go down on Mount Everest every year (like the 13 year old who summitted last week…don’t get me started), I think this is a cool one to watch. I’m always interested in speed ascents and physical challenges and I’ve heard a lot about Chad Kellogg over the years, […]

Skiing in Spitsbergen and the Mountains of Norway

I had the opportunity to ski in Norway this year, but bailed on it because of life obligations. Soooo…when Doug Stoup contacted me about his recent ski trip there after a couple of North Pole expeditions, I was psyched to hear about his experience and even more psyched that he has done the research, homework […]

Another Fred Syversen Wreck

Here is another video of a seriously gnarly ski wreck by Fred Syversen while skiing in Tamok, Norway. (The drama starts at 1:20.) I say “another” because Fred Syversen is the guy who supposedly broke the world record for the biggest cliff huck a couple years ago (see lower video), when he unintentionally launched over […]

KGB Productions: Wyoming Triumph

This looks like a cool project from the crew over at KGB Productions, based here in Jackson Hole. So many times you hear about skiers going off to exotic locations to film (not that there is anything wrong with that), when the reality is that there are often many places remote and wild enough much […]

Callum Petit: Hole in One!

If you didn’t get around to seeing Teton Gravity Research’s “Re: Session” this past winter, you no doubt missed seeing one of the most talked about sections of the video. It involved Black Diamond skier Callum Petit and a “hole in one”…not on the links…but on a glacier…and not something really worth celebrating. Callum is  […]

Togwotee Pass Wilderness Snowmobile Poachers

I received a very irate phone call from a friend on Saturday afternoon, about some ignorant snowboarders who were using snowmobiles to access some powder on Togwotee Pass. Not really a big deal on it’s own really, but when you cross Wilderness (non-motorized) boundaries that are set aside for those that want peace and quite […]

LIVE…From Jackson Lake

Hola! Just dropping in with a BlackBerry post while skiing across Jackson Lake. I love these sunrise services on the lake as the northern range begins to glow and the anticipation of the day is still strong. It should be a fun day of skiing…if the sun doesn’t get too strong. 😕 Ciao for now […]