Video: An Avalanche Reminder

Here’s a little wake up call and reminder that avalanches can happen at any time…no matter how many people have already skied the slope. All it takes is one small pocket of instability to trigger something bigger that can do a lot more damage. This guy got real lucky! ? Ski in small groups and […]

Fall on Gilkey Tower Kills Climber

South side of the South Fork of Garnet Canyon Peaks. Except for the Middle Teton, which pops up from behind the ridge. Unfortunately, the Jenny Lake Rangers have been very busy while I’ve been away, having to deal with three incidents in less than a week. It all started off last week with a backpacker […]

Too Early…AND Too Late

Well…I/we got shutdown on a line I’ve been looking at recently. More or less for jumping the gun after a bunch of new snow fell in the mountains, as well as not being early enough…my biggest pet peeve. My plan was to ski the line around 11am…but it really needed to be more like 8am […]