By: randosteve|Posted on: May 30, 2007|Posted in: Humor | 13 comments
Them there skis on his back!Them there skis on his back!

This time of year, with the increased tourist traffic on the dry park trails, skiers are subjected to a barrage of comments as we hike back to our cars with skis on our backs. Many of the comments are classic and predictable, but occasionally you get a doozie and you just can’t help laugh at.

I do my best to be friendly and explain where I’ve been (sometimes more than others), but most of the time they just don’t ‘get it’, so I end up moseying on my merry way. Here are some of my favorite comments from the tourists. If you have some of your own to add, please leave them in the comments section.

  • -Where did you guys go?
  • -Ooooo….I thought you were a bear!
  • -Hey, can you carry my pack…he he he?
  • -Way to get after it!
  • -How do you get up there?
  • -Are there ski trails up there?
  • -Is there snow up there?
  • -Do you groom your own trails?
  • -How do you get your skis up there?
  • -Look…that guy’s been cross-country skiing.

Truly my favorite is when they don’t say anything at all…and look at you like you’re wildlife…crazy wildlife that is!