By: randosteve|Posted on: July 26, 2007|Posted in: Humor | 7 comments
A women and her beater

While most of the time we get shiny new, gas guzzling, global warming contributing SUVs parked in front of the shop, occasionally a car with a story pulls up. This Nissan B2500 showed its face yesterday and its owner was more that happy to show it off. And Lou Dawson thinks he has car problems.

Nice Grill

The grill, or lack there of, was one of the highlights and the headlights seemed to hover in mid air. I bet the engine stays cooler though in these ninety degree temps, but watch out for that radiator.

Nice hood latch

Safety first of course, and spectra slings are mandatory when webbing is so close to intense heat. It’s a good thing that that carabiner is rated to 22KN as well, but don’t you think it should be a locking carabiner?

I wonder where the child seat is

Seatbelts are supposed to be on the inside of the car…right? Man, I hope it’s not attached to a child’s seat.

car one antalope zero

Pickup-1, Antelope-0. Unfortunately for the Nissan, the Antelope left its markbefore it became roadkill. Poor little Antelope.

Can you say flat tire

This looked safe…can you say…flat tire!

Turn it up

The radio had it’s own problems…never mind going to eleven. I guess there is a pen cap jammed in the tape deck, that allows the radio to work…sometimes.

At least there is one thing right

The bed was full of recycling, skateboard and a pair of AT skis. I wonder where shes going skiing? Hell, the skis and Fritschis are probably worth more than the car!

Nothing without a bumpersticker

A classic beater mobile is nothing without an eco-loving bumper sticker.