By: randosteve|Posted on: June 5, 2007|Posted in: Humor | Comments Off on Almost a Stumper

Well I thought we had a stumper with yesterday’s ‘Name That Couloir’ and I went to bed with no one answering correctly. But once again, Ed Bushnell nailed it early this morning. Ed…you are a true professor of Couloirology.

Here are a couple more shots of the same line…the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran, which sits on the northeast side of the mountain. I’ve only skied this couloir once, back in 2002. I went for it again last season, about this time of year, but it was trashed. I’d like to ski this one again because it is a pretty sweet run.

This shot is from the col at the top of the couloir, When filled-in, you can ski/side-step right through the constriction at the bottom, which is shown in photo in the previous post.

Sickle Couloir

This photo was taken from low on the northeast ridge of Moran. When there isn’t enough snow to ski through the constriction at the bottom, one must make an exposed traverse on the skiers right…and go around it.

Sickle Couloir