Now That's a Lawndart!

Bro-bonics: Part II

As we get closer to the start of the ski season, it’s important to know the lingo and be able to talk the talk, so your not left hanging. Here are some terms that will help keep you in the loop.  For more bro-speak, broisms and brobonics, check out Bro-bonics: Part I on Abrocrombie […]

Wednesday Funnies: Tree Jumping Anyone?

Sorry about the swaggy post today, but I’m taking some time to work out some bugs associated with these new TNF ads.  However, I hope you have a couple minutes to laugh at these Norwegians trying to stick their landings.  It’s sure to add some fun to your hump day!

Video: Fun Ski Crashes

Sorry about the swaggy post today, but I’m neck deep in an in-depth, week long, Rigging for Rescue course taught by Leo Lloyd from Durango, CO right now and short on time. I think the funnest part of watching ski movies is the blooper, wipe-out sections. Well…maybe not the funnest…but definitely the funniest. Check out […]

Video Tech Tip: The Burrito Roll

In the advent of soft shell jackets, it’s rare that I bring a Gore-tex shell with me when backcountry skiing. When I do, it’s more in the spring and summer, when the moisture is in the form of rain instead of snow. Even still, most of the time it sits in the bottom of my […]

Classic Quotes From the Shop: Part II

Sorry about the two day post there, but with the Vimeo problems, I wanted to make sure the slideshow got it’s fair share of views. Well, it’s been a quick start into the heat of the tourist season here in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park and it doesn’t seem like the high gas […]

Ski Journal 2.3…Delayed

I was getting a little sick of looking at the same Ski Journal on the pot lately, so I just had to get the feelers out and find out what’s been taking Issue 2.3 so long to arrive in my mailbox. I got a quick response…. Hey Steve. Thank you for the note… We have […]

Cheney Goes Golfing

Thanks…A LOT!

Officer-“Can I ask you where you are going?” Randosteve-“Skiing.” Officer-“Can I ask why you ran that stop sign?” Randosteve-“If you mean not quite coming to an absolute, matter of fact stop…it is because it is 4 o’clock in the morning and it is obvious that there is no sign of anyone coming in any direction […]

JHMR's Headwall Jail House Darn Near Buried

The front of the Jail House at the top of the Headwall at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Well, even though this would have been a great year to ski at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, I never made it out there this year to sample the goods…or see all the shenanigans that went on. […]

Girl Power…Finally!

Monique Merrill – “Steve, You know, there are women on the team as well! Men…jeez. First a compliment…I do enjoy your website. I find out more information there than I do from my fiancee. Valuable information. Second… just had to give you shit since I do think our women’s team could score some top ten’s. […]

Good Teton Pass Entertainment

On days like today…when the avy danger is high and it is snowing 1-2″ and hour it’s always fun to check in with the Teton Pass cam to see how things are going up there. A few days ago I heard about a fight that broke out, but today it looks like skiers are dealing […]

Bro-bonics: Part I

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the world of skiing, surfing and other hipster type sports not only involve interesting characters…but also interesting terminology, called brobonics or broisms. Here are some that I have come to know and understand over the years…and occasionally use. Thanks to Ellie Levin’s for some inspiration on this post! […]

Teton County Search and Rescue: Cool Approach Vehicle?

Click here for larger image. I saw this modified Honda 350X Snow-Trike up at Togwotee Pass during a TCSAR training a couple weeks ago. We were practicing some medical exercises and wondered if the owner of this rig would need our assistance later in the day. Now that’s what I call an approach vehicle!

Last Minute Shopping? How About the Ski House Cookbook?

Okay Doods! Need a last minute Christmas gift for the girl in your life? How about the Ski House Cookbook? Not only is it an easy, no brainer buy, but you get to reap the benefits of all the good cooking too! I got this book in the mail around two months ago and RandoKitty […]

Evolution of Man

Click here for larger image I think this was made by someone in Sun Valley. If you know who…let me know in the comments section and I will give them credit. BTW, I modified it a little bit. 😉 Well, I’ve been down in SLC for about 18 hours and I’ve seen Chris Davenport’s Ski […]

Trapped on the Tarmac

Note: I’m leaving this post up again today in hopes of getting some more travel stories from the Monday crowd. Almost three hours after boarding the airplane and we’ve only traveled a couple hundred yards from the gate. Though I’m not the most traveled person in the world, I just knew someday it would happen. […]

Off to Orizaba

I got a test pack of ProBars a week or two ago and I’ve got a box of my favorites for the trip to Orizaba. Sometimes my stomach doesn’t like certain flavors or combos when I’m in the mountains, so I tried to eat them while in the mountains…or during long trail runs…instead of just […]

The Things I do for Love

There’s something about having a girlfriend that makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t. Having worked in a ski shop for the last 8 years and now having secured some great sponsorships, the last thing I need is to get up at the crack of dawn and stand in line to shop for AT […]

NOT Fans of TetonAT

Photo Jay Jurkowitsch A visitor from Laramie sent me this photo. I think Jay is a fan of winter…so maybe this is his roommates doing. At least it’s probably been in the 60’s this week in Laramie and melting such inflammatory images.