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United States Ski Mountaineering AssociationMonique Merrill – “Steve, You know, there are women on the team as well! Men…jeez.

First a compliment…I do enjoy your website. I find out more information there than I do from my fiancee. Valuable information. Second… just had to give you shit since I do think our women’s team could score some top ten’s. Don’t under-estimate a female.

Randosteve – “Names Mona…I need NAMES!!!!”

Monique Merrill – “Steve…you are priceless. Here you go….

  • Jeannie Wall
  • Nina Silitch
  • Lyndsay Meyer
  • Jari Kirkland
  • Sari Anderson
  • Monique Merrill

Lyndsay and Nina live in Chamonix and are a team duo there. They should be rockin’. Jeannie you know. Sari is a teammate of mine on Nike for adventure racing and qualified in Sunlight. Pretty close percentage back from you fast boys. Her first rando race. Jari you know. And your’s truly you know. A much more cohesive team than two years ago. Similar to you men. So there….. Thanks.”

Well I sure heard it about not including the women when I listed the members of the 2008 US Ski Mountaineering Team on Monday…and Monique wasn’t the first one to let me have it. Honestly, I really didn’t know who was actually going to be on the team. With the absence of Jeannie Wall from the rando race circuit last year and Karen Kingsley recovering from an injury this season, I thought that Monique might be the only female traveling to Europe to compete. I’m glad my thoughts were wrong.

It should be nice to have some females on the team and I’m glad to finally see some women getting interested in the sport. From my experience, Jeannie and Mona should be the strongest on the team and both veterans to racing in Europe. Jari is a member of adventure racing Team Crested Butte and shows promise, along with Sari. I don’t know the other girls, Nina and Lyndsay, but it sounds like they have their shit together…living in Chamonix and all.

Well, another 15″ fell over the past 24 hours…bringing our totall snowfall to 354″ this year, with a base of 104″. It just keeps coming with no complaints from me. Looks like another day of trailbreaking and deep powder skiing in the park.