By: randosteve|Posted on: January 29, 2008|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, Races, Trip Planning | 25 comments

TetonAT Switzerland FundI just started looking for airline tickets to Switzerland and although they aren’t too bad right now, hopefuly I can get my itinerary dialed to pull the trigger soon. There is no doubt though, that this trip to race in the Ski Mountaineering World Championships is going to cost a pretty penny. And with the US dollars spiraling in the wrong direction, it’s only going to get worse.

United States Ski Mountaineering AssociationWhile, traditionally I have prided myself on self sufficiency…now I am asking for your help. Unfortunately, the United States Ski Mountaineering Association has limited resources to support itself, let alone foot the bill for athletes heading overseas and each racer is left to raise the funds for him/herself. I have created a graphic on the sidebar, the TetonAT Switzerland Fund that links to my PayPal account (which is…if you feel so inclined to help a skier pursue his rando racing experiences in the international arena. Every little bit helps and is always much appreciated.

It looks like I will be doing 2-3 races while I’m over there, which will allow me to watch and photograph some of the races I’m not competing in. Of course blogging about the event will be a given…assuming that there is internet service. There are four races in total, an individual short race, a vertical race, a teams race, and a long individual race. I’m hoping to get to pick my races soon, but really…they all would be fun.