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French rando racer Patrick Blanc
Is French ski mountaineering racer, Patrick Blanc, a dope(r)?

You know the competition is competitive when athletes take drugs and cheat to gain an advantage. Recently, after the famous Patrouille des Glaciers race, 1 of 10 test results for doping have come back positive for one of the members of the winning French team. The name of the individual hasn’t officially been released yet, pending secondary tests, but the rumor mill is already churning about who it might be.

No wonder he crushed me in this year’s 2008 World Ski Mountaineering Championships.

After an investigation done involving multitude organizations in the realm of ski mountaineering racing, a name emerges today of who it might be. Patrick Blanc, the number 2 ranked racer, six time champion of the world and two time winner of the Patrouille des Glaciers.

“Of the three French racers in question, my suspicions surround Patrick Blanc”, a Swiss athlete confide in a telephone interview. “This is an athlete who is able to peak like no other.”

During the 2008 World Championship Vertical Race, in Ch√Ętel, last February, this racer finished in a very average 9th pace, a 2’10” behind winner, Florrent Perrier. Two weeks later, during a nearly identical race organized by the French , Patrick Blanc beat Florent Perrier by around fifteen seconds. His total gain of 2’20” in a 35′ race was frightening!

“When I saw the stopwatch, I thought it was crazy” says an anonymous speaker. “To increase your result by more than 2 minutes during a 35 minute race is abnormal. I have very little doubt of who it is”

(Translated from French. I think it is close.)

Excerpt taken from an article in Le Nouvelliste. Additional information on

If you speak French, here is an interview with Patrick Blanc on YouTube. Not about the doping (I think) and kinda cheesy at times, but a good time waster non-the-less.