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What I ate.

With just a few more hours to enter into the contest, I thought I would run down the things I carried, ate, used and didn’t use on this Gannett trip adventure. Food-wise, I probably should have eaten more, but a combination of GU gels and Chomps, ProBars and Snickers got me through the day. I kinda stopped fueling during the last couple hours and seemed to feel it in my step, as things began to slow down as we got closer to the trailhead.

These are the things I carried.

Black Diamond Flash Pack– At 9L and super-light (210gr), the perfect size so everything fit in tight and and wobble free.

CAMP XLA Ice Axe–  With aluminum construction, one of the lightest ice axes out there.

Kahtoola KTS Crampons (not pictured)- These compact, light and durable steel crampons are perfect and flexible for running shoes.  As opposed to the aluminum version, the steel crampons allow you to walk around on the rocks worry free.

Arc’teryx Urban Fanny– I wore this, and another small pocket around my waist and stored all my food in it so it would be easily accessible.

Small Map– Consulted it a couple time…but really it wasn’t needed.

TP– Used it twice.  It can be tough to get the job done on those early morning starts.

Black Diamond Ion Headlamp– Small and light, this headlamp put out just enough light to trot down the trail in the dark.  I thought it would bounce around on my head since the strap is so narrow, but it stayed put rather well.

Nuun– Keeps the electrolytes flowing and Wray and I both added it to our water when we refilled our bladders on the Minor Glacier.

Arcteryx Fleece Gloves– Simple, light and warm, I wore these for most of the morning.

Buff– Trimmed down, this one is more of a simple headband.  Kept my ears warm, but allowed my head to breath and vent.

Patagonia R.5– Though not Arcteryx, a good combo of light weight and warmth for a mid layer.

Arcteryx Alpha SL– The best fitting Gore-tex jacket I’ve ever owned. And at only 342 grams…it’s very light.

Patagonia Cool Weather Tights– Pretty much wore these until we were back on the Minor Glacier and on our way down.  Simple, warm, comfortable.

What I carried, but didn’t use.

Sunscreen– With all the time in the shade and not wanting to clog up my sweat glads, I bailed on using sunscreen.  What else is new?

Duct-Tape– Kind of had it along  in case of blisters…which weren’t a problem.

Water Purification– We both carried enough water to get us to the top and didn’t need to purify the melt water coming off the toe…I hope!

IPod Shuffle– I thought I would rock out the whole time, but Wray’s not fan of music when running, so I never ended up plugging in.

Light Hat–  Went from Buff to visor (not pictured).  Simple as that.

Mini Gaiters– I started out using these, to keep dirt and rocks out of my kicks, but after my shoes got wet, I took them off so my shoes would dry out faster…and never put them back on.  Luckily the trails weren’t very dusty, so they weren’t needed.