By: randosteve|Posted on: June 16, 2011|Posted in: Trip Planning | 7 comments

Well, close is a relative term, but when you drive 6 hours, hike in and bushwhack through tough terrain and camp within a mile of your line, I’d say that is pretty close. Unfortunately, the wind, sun, rain, and graupel made this mission unsuccessful.

Camp and the line in the upper left corner.
Click photo for larger image.

The hike in to camp went relatively smooth, but once the megamid was set up, it started to rain all afternoon and night. The following day was a wash, with rain and graupel showers, and a very unfrozen and mushy snowpack, but we at least got out for a little tour to scope things out. Things cleared up late in the afternoon, but the wind came in like a freight train and I don’t think my partner and I got a wink of sleep that night. Tough times, but I will be back again some day to get this one done. I promise!