By: randosteve|Posted on: August 27, 2010|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 27 comments

After 2 long years of exceptional service, I’m retiring my red Arc’teryx Epsilon SV Hoody this year. It has been with me all over the Tetons, the Wind River Range, the Sierra, Antarctica and South America, and has seen me through some glorious and some not-so glorious moments, but it has never let me down and I’ll probably try to get another one just like it…though maybe in a different color.  🙂

Just a little sun faded.

all-zippers-still-working-greatThe sun fading tells the story of many great days in the mountains and reminds me that I really should start using more sunscreen when it’s fully splitter out. None-the-less, the Epsilon SV has held up extremely well over the past couple years and there is not a single stitch coming apart, or tear in the fabric. Every zipper still works like they did on the first day and there is absolutely no fraying or excessive wear around high friction points like the wrist cuffs, waist and chin area. The laminated pocket on the sleeve is still attached, which is surprising no-wear-around-the-wrist-cuffsbecause the shoulders and arms take the full force of the sun’s UV raysepsilon-sv-hoody-miro-blue and are the primary defense when skiing in full combat mode through trees and brush.

I’m quite impressed with the durability of this jacket and I’d highly recommend it as an approach jacket.  I like to no-wear-around-the-waistjust wear only a t-shirt under it when I’m skinning and epsilon-sv-hoody-sublimethe soft inner plush of the bonded fleece fabric feels really nice against the skin, yet the finished outside blocks wind and precip while still retaining adequate breatheability. Now, which color to get? I’m torn between Micro Blue or Sublime?