By: randosteve|Posted on: September 22, 2010|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 19 comments

This new product from Maruelli (inventor of the Click-Clack) is due to show at the 2011 ISPO (Feb. 6th) and claims to be the greatest this since sliced bread for maintaining a “natural stride” when skinning. Dubbed the Natural Walking Plate and with the aid of two hinged points, it allows for the toe of the foot to rise as you bring it forward…allowing you to skin with a more walk-like motion and stride.

Maruelli “Natural Walking Plate”.

-More natural movements with 100% free ankles, so you can really Run or simply just Walk !
-10% longer step with the same loss of energy !
-Zero back pain problems due to an non-natural movements

While I like the way people think and come up with new ideas, I'm not sure I can really get behind this one quite yet. To me, it seems that you might loose a alot of the glide while using this contraption because you are lifting our foot up...instead of pushing it forward. Yeah, the Maruelli "Natural Walking Plate" might allow for a more natural gait, but does it make you faster? I'm not so sure.