Slideshow TR: Skiing The Enclosure

Randosteve watches Reed make his final few steps to the summit of the Enclosure. Photo: Jason Kartchner, from the Owen/Spalding Route of the Grand Teton. On Saturday, I got out with Reed to ski the Enclosure…which is the peak/shoulder to the west of the Grand Teton. I’ve never been on top of the Enclosure before […]

Skiing Gannett Peak, North Face…and Out

Tim Weydeveld and Steve Romeo skin towards the North Face of Gannett Peak on the Gannett Glacier. It pretty much snowed all night and we spent a lot of time banging on the sides of the Megamid and packing the snow around it’s sides so we wouldn’t be engulfed as the snow piled up it’s […]

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part 2

Randosteve summits Gannett Peak When I’m in the mountains, it’s one of the few times I rely on my alarm to wake me up. Needless to say, it wasn’t until 2:40 am, and the second time my Suunto CORE beeped, that I arose out of a restful sleep. I could hear the winds ripping up […]

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part I

Jeramie Prine splitboards through Ink Wells on the way to Gannett Peak. When WyomingSplitride from Landiego (aka, Jeramie Prine from Lander) invited me to join him and his cousins to ski Gannett Peak (highest in Wyoming) in the Wind River Range, I jumped at the chance. For the past 2-3 years now, Gannett has been […]

John Griber Headed To Gasherbrum 1 and Gasherbrum 2

Gasherbrum II Good luck to Jackson’s John Griber, Montana’s Kris Erickson and the rest of the The North Face ski mountaineering crew on their attempt to ski and snowboard Gasherbrum I and II. The plan is to hopefully nail G2 with the whole team and if things go well, and conditions and funding can support […]

Dynafit Heel Position Euphemisms

I know most backcountry ski partners tend to come up with little names to describe objects or things they do. I’ve heard all kinds of terms for referencing the different heel positions of the remarkable Dynafit binding. While some come from the cycling world…like free-wheel and granny gear…I like to correlate the positions with the […]

Cascade Canyon to Paintbrush Canyon Ski Tour

Buckingham Palace Peak After my little scare in the Koven Couloir last Thursday, the high temp predicted for the following days and reading about the big slides happening in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to turn things down a little bit on Friday and try and ski a south facing couloir on McKlintok Peak…located near […]

Guest TR: Skiing the Nokhu Crags, Rock for Brains Couloir

Rock for Brains Couloir. I never really thought I would be saying this…but man…there looks like there is some cool skiing to be done in the Laramie area. This is the second trip report from Galen Woelk (see Airline Couloir post), who seems to be doing a good job of keeping the ski mountaineering spirit […]

Too Early…AND Too Late

Well…I/we got shutdown on a line I’ve been looking at recently. More or less for jumping the gun after a bunch of new snow fell in the mountains, as well as not being early enough…my biggest pet peeve. My plan was to ski the line around 11am…but it really needed to be more like 8am […]

Photo TR: Skiing Teewinot's Southwest Couloir with the Backbone Media Crew

I got out with Penn Newhard and Greg Williams from Backbone Media this past Tuesday and even though the temps weren’t that cold, the snow still set up nice to make for fast spring time travel. We toured up to the Teewinot/Mt Owen Plateau and skied the Southwest Couloir of Teewinot. Here are some pictures […]

Spot the Skier

Can you spot the skier in this photo? You’ll never guess who. From a trip to the Teewinot/Mt. Owen Plateau on Tuesday.

String Lake Lines, St Johns and Rockchuck Peaks

Sunrise on Rockchuck. I’ve been out skiing the past four days…nothing too exciting though. Two shutdowns and two mini-lines out of the String Lake Trailhead. There have been some good freezes at night, but the weather forecasting has been tough. The shutdowns were due to lingering weather in the early morning hours. Both successful trips […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 3

Randosteve sees another reason to come back. The wind blew all afternoon and night after touring up Mile Long Lake, and when we rolled out of the Megamid on our third day, we could see clouds lingering to the south…over Down Mountain…our objective for the day. I was pretty excited to explore a new area […]

Guest TR: Skiing The Grand Teton's Otterbody Route

I’m gonna milk one more post out of the Winds trip, but I wanted to congratulate Bryan Feinstein, Colin O’Farrell and Ty Cook for a descent of the rad Otterbody Route on the Grand Teton last week. If I have my numbers right, only four other people have previously skied or snowboarded the route…”old school” […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 2

Randosteve skis a Y-Couloir in the Winds. After a cold night in the Megamid, Mike and I finally forced ourselves out around 7:30. We didn’t feel the suns rays until almost 9, due to our proximity behind some large cliffs and it made putting our frozen boots back on that much harder. The morning coffee […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 1

Randosteve hikes along the high open slopes of Whiskey Mountain. After visiting the Ross Lake area of the Northern Winds River Range last year, I knew I would return. For those willing to gut out the dry approach, the variety of touring and skiing possibilities is endless. I thought this second trip would quench my […]

Home Sweet Home.

Bighorn sheep peer over a ridge line in front of the mountains of the Ross Lake region. I’m back from my trip to the Northern Winds loving where I live even more…and I’m not even talking about the skiing. More later.

Skiing Teewinot, East Face

Did the bike-ski-bike thing in the park this weekend and skied the East Face of Teewinot on Friday with Bryan, Colin and Ty. We were on our bikes at 5am and watched the sunrise as we climbed the Apex to the bottom of the route. Clouds lingered around the summit for most of the morning […]

Teton Canyon Tour

Chris enjoys a moment of visibility above the Devil’s Stairs in the South Fork of Teton Canyon. Went couloir hunting in Teton Canyon with my friend Chris yesterday. Unfortunately the clouds obscured our objective, but we had some fun dust on crust skiing non-the-less. As we toured above Devil’s Stairs, a nice sucker hole came […]

Modified Black Diamond Voodoos, Cutting the Tails Off

I feel like my ski quiver is pretty deep right now and I have a ski for just about every condition, time of year and terrain possible. Though I’ve been super happy with the performance of the wood core Black Diamond skis this year, I always wonder why nearly every ski they make has some […]