Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part II

Having made the decision to ski the couloir, it was now time to act and ski with confidence. Steep and tight couloirs are no place to be if your are tentative and you must be ready for anything…an icy patch…some breakable crust…windslab…you never know what you’ll get. Reed skied the top section first and the […]

Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part I

Not skiing for a few days. I’m in Needham, MA visiting family. Hope I’m not missing anything. The Southeast Couloir of Buck Mountain is in the center of the photo, in the shadow behind the rock buttress. Click on photos for largest image. On Wednesday, Reed and I made our second attempt to ski the […]

Albright? Allllriiiggghhht!

I found myself at the top of Wimpys, three out of four days last week. Some people may think it’s lame to ski the same run all the time, but when it nuking winds and dumping a foot of snow a day, who can blame me for heading to slopes I’m familiar with and I […]

Broken Leg on Glory

After skiing Albright and Wimpys on Friday, I had just gotten home and was trying to stay motivated to attend the “Steep” showing at the Village when the call-out came for a broken leg on the west side of Glory. We used the heli to shuttle rescuers to a safe LZ above the patient on […]

Will We Break the Record?

Edited for correctness With just over a week left of tabulating snowfall totals before the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort closes, the village is on track to break the record for the most snowfall in a given season…at least since they started keeping track in 1975. Some may argue with some of the totals and how […]

Mount Moran's Skillet Glacier in a Day…Almost.

On Easter Sunday, I tried to ski the Skillet Glacier in a day. I tried to avoid this trip as much as possible since I wasn’t that psyched about the 2 am start at Jackson Lake. It would also be my fifth day of skiing the backcountry in row and I wasn’t sure how strong […]

Cloudveil Dome: Southeast Couloir?

I played hooky from the rando race this weekend because conditions were just too good with a bunch of fresh snow and blue skies. The timing was just right and I took advantage of the good weather to ski a new line that I have been looking at for many years with Bryan Feinstein and […]

Togwotee Pass: Radio Tower Couloir

Bryan climbs a steep section at the top of Radio Tower Couloir. Having trouble deciding if it’s safe enough in the high country last Friday, I decided to head up to Togwotee Pass and ski Radio Tower Couloir. This line’s proximity right next to the road and the Continental Divide make it a great way […]

Guest Post: 2008 Pierra Menta

American rando racer Lyndsay Meyer sent me this great report of her and teammate Nina Silitch’s experiences racing in this year’s Pierra Menta just last weekend. It is a four day stage race and arguably the hardest ski mountaineering race there is. Lyndsay and Nina were the first ever complete US women’s team to compete […]

Julbo Race, Love Them Shades!

The side vents on the Julbo Race sunglasses do a rad job of keeping the lenses fog free. I had a couple boxes of gear waiting for me when I got back from Europe. One being an assortment of Julbo Sunglasses. I find I have a tough face to fit with sunglass most of the […]

More Powder

Reed Finlay gets set to lay down a fat smear turn in the big snows on Friday morning. The crown of the natural avalanche can be seen in the upper right corner. I had plans last Friday to try and ski a pretty cool line I’ve been looking at for long time now, but the […]

Frozen Death Cookies on Shadow Peak

Randosteve tries to stay out of the refrozen debris in the South Couloir of Shadow Peak. I’ve been getting out the past couple days. On Wednesday I was on a solo mission scoping out some lines, but only skied Turkey Chute. It was mostly boiler plate.I skied Turkey Chute and it was pretty darn wind […]

Getting My Mind Right

I’ve had a few days off back in Jackson after getting home from Europe. I’m glad too because I’ve been having a bugger of a time getting my internal clock reset and have been waking up at 3 and 4am the past few days…though daylight savings time helped a bit yesterday. The weather has been […]

TR: Chamonix, France

As anticipated, Sunday broke bluebird with a reported 30cm of new snow high in the mountains and lots of wind overnight. Surprisingly we were on the ball and out of the hostel just after 7am in hopes of catching one of the first few trams up the Agui du Midi. Unfortunately, the cable had gotten […]

To Chamonix

Greybird skies on the Agui du Midi. After the Ski Mountaineering Word Championships in Champery, wet, dreary weather was forecast for the area. Our original plan was to spend a couple nights at the Bertol Hut in the shadow of the Matterhorn, but none of us were looking forward to a potential needle in a […]

Hello From Chamonix

Just one day skiing here in Chamonix before having to hit the road and deal with getting back to Jackson. I’ve had very limited time and access to the web, so sorry no updates in the past few days…and probably not much going on here until around mid week. We caught one day of really […]

Guest TR: 11's Couloir, Peak 10,960

Wet and rainy conditions welcomed the racers, but Brandon French toughed it out and was the first American, and first in his start group, to cross the finish line. Challenging conditions for all racers and props to the other US team members for gutting it out to the finish. Italian Guido Giacomelli won it for […]

2008 SMWC: Vertical Race

Frenchman Florent Perrier wins the Vertical Race. Click here for full race results. My legs were feeling pretty sore on Wednesday after my battle with dehydration and leg cramps in the Teams Race, so for the benefit of the team, I decided to hand my Vertical Race spot over to Zahan, who seemed to be […]

2008 SMWC: Teams Race

The Teton Tigers. Courtesy I decided to let Zahan write today’s post on how the Teams Race went. For those that are getting a little sick of hearing about skinny rando skiers in lycra, I tried to get a little ChamperyAT in on today’s ‘rest day’, but morning rain, isothermic snow and socked in […]

2008 SMWC: Teams Relay

Click here for larger image. After a pretty chill morning of cruising the lifts and checking out some of the course for the Teams Race the next day, we arrived at the venue for the Teams Relay around 5:15pm. Relay rando races are one of the more spectator friendly races and this one was no […]