Now That Takes…

I’ve never skied naked before, and I sure as hell haven’t ski naked and launched a huge kicker at the same time. But if I did, I’d sure want to make sure I stuck the landing. OUCH!!!

Got Sunburn?

Soooo…I was out skiing on one of those greybird/mostly cloudy/mountain snow-shower days last week (pretty much like every day last week) and of course, I didn’t use any sunscreen since it didn’t seem like the sun was really out. Well, at the end of the day (and after I got out of the shower) my […]

The Double Rainbow Video Of Skiing?

I know many of you have seen the Double Rainbow Video (if you haven’t seen it, you really are missing out and need to spend 3:30 minutes checking it out), destined to be an internet classic and now with over 26 million views, but is there a skiing equivalent?  Well, we may have found the […]

Body By Body Flex!

I usually get my workout in by skinning, boot-packing or running, but sometimes time is limited and you have to do what you can to stay fit and get a workout in. When I need to, I often put on the leg warmers and body-suit, and dive-in to a great Body Flex workout right in […]

The Time Has Come

The new and improved, TeleSteve. With all the epic powder and ski days I have had since the beginning of October, I’m honestly starting to get a little over winter and snow. However, there’s still a 140″ base in the mountains right now, so the snow will be here for a while. Therefore, I’ve been […]

The Man And The Mammoth

This ought to make you feel good! 🙂 (At least until the end.)


Resting the feet in Boca Raton, FL. When your ski season starts in October and ends in July, a little sunshine escape before the second half gets going isn’t too bad of an idea. I’m back in Jackson mid-week and will be raring to go for some great ski tours this spring. My hit-list is […]

Now…In Slow-Mo. OMG!!!

Safe High Avy Danger Skiing?

Well, one could have easily predicted today’s BTNF “high” avalanche danger forecast. Yesterday while skiing up in the park, the snow was WAY upside-down and there were slabs forming that were over 4 feet deep. Two other parties bailed before the top, but my partner and I managed to top out and survive the ski […]

Pedal Powered Snowplow

The funny thing is, I think this guy is serious.

Lookout for Randoman!

And you though Glen Plake was just a ski instructor.

Gotta Love Manitobans!

But…what is a “tin bit”?

Friday Funnies!

Have a good laugh and a great weekend everyone!!! With 6″ of new snow and a base of 80″ at 10k’, I’m heading out to ski some noodley chutes and epic powder today. Thanks to Outside Bozeman Magazine for this one!! If you’ve got a good ski, snowboard or tele joke, please share it with […]

Jackson Hole Has SLC and Denver Beat

I’m pretty sure as far as a ski destination goes, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has both Denver and SLC beat when it comes to the time it takes from when your plane touches down at the airport, to when you are on skis ripping up the slopes. It looks like SLC claims about 1:45, compared […]

John Denver Classic

Ski Smoothie?

I’ll tell you who needs snow skis…Tom!


I’m working 10 out of the next 14 days in the shop, so my time to ski and work on TetonAT is kinda limited these days. (Damn the holidays!) But, the end is in sight and I should have some more time to commit to bigger lines and posts once the new year starts up. […]


With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been working a lot and getting a bit soft, so it’s natural to see a contraption like this and think a little. The Skizee seems to be the answer to the poor man’s snowmobile and to me, a lot easier to dig out when you get stuck. A […]

Coming Out of the Closet, Part II

Well, we had so much fun with my last trip out of the closet and into the confession booth, that I figured I’d share another one of my dark secrets and let you deeper into the world of Randosteve. I got a pair of these around the middle of last last season and honestly, I’ve […]

Bah, Humbug! or Merry Xmas ‘Merica!

Twenty bucks says Nancy Pelosi has never been to Jackson Hole (or even Wyoming for that matter) and Barrasso is just one scary dude. Bet you another twenty bucks he’s one of the next politicians to wreak havoc on the country, nevermind the state of Wyoming. There has been some scuttle-butt as far as how […]