Name That Couloir, #14

Well it’s not a couloir, but it is a peak over 18K…and I just started shopping for plane tickets to go ski it. Do you what it is? If I told you already…it doesn’t count. 8)

TCSAR: All Night Rescue in the Gros Ventre

It’s 7 AM and I’m just getting home from an all night TCSAR rescue way the #*@! back in the Gros Ventre Wilderness. Two hunters flipped their 4-wheeler on steroids and are lucky to be alive. I’m pretty tired right now, so I’m just gonna list some words that come to my mind. Dark, Cold, […]

I Should Have Known

After turns at the dunes, we headed for the City of Rocks to do some rock climbing the following morning. The wind was blowing the van around on the road pretty good and we knew the forecast was iffy, but I didn’t have to be back in Jackson right away…so what the hell. We didn’t […]

Classic Quotes from the Shop

At the shop, we pretty much get inundated with questions all day. Some, like…Where are the bathrooms?…Can I get a fishing license?…and Where do I find the float trips?, are more reasonable than others, but occasionally we get ones that just blow you away and it is all you can do to keep from laughing. […]

Internal Alarm Clock

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty reliable internal alarm clock that almost all of the time wakes me up about 10-15 minutes before my alarm goes off. It doesn’t stop at home either. Though it’s a little harder getting out of the warm sleeping bag in the winter, I wake up […]

One Mans Beater is Another Womens Cadillac

While most of the time we get shiny new, gas guzzling, global warming contributing SUVs parked in front of the shop, occasionally a car with a story pulls up. This Nissan B2500 showed its face yesterday and its owner was more that happy to show it off. And Lou Dawson thinks he has car problems. […]

Name That Couloir, #13

Well, this one isn’t a couloir, but it is a popular descent in the Tetons. Can you guess where it is? Steve Romeo skis this one in great powder snow conditions

Name That Couloir, #12

Another one from the archives! This one is from 2000, when it still snowed alot. This was my first of two descents of this couloir, and it stands out as the best…ahhh, the early days! OK…I’m going to say this is a tough one…so give her your best shot!!! 😆

Name That Couloir, #11

Another week of……..NAME THAT COOOOOULOIR! I’m not sure what to think of this one…if it is easy or hard, but I’m going to hold out from giving any clues to start off with. Give her your best shot!!!!!! 8) Derek “Stan” Everts skis this tasty line

Name That Couloir, #10

Here’s a good one located in the Teton Range. I got this seldom skied couloir in April 1999 with Reed Finlay in sweet powder conditions. Ahhh…the early days…before global warming. Any guess what couloir this is?

Almost a Stumper

Well I thought we had a stumper with yesterday’s ‘Name That Couloir’ and I went to bed with no one answering correctly. But once again, Ed Bushnell nailed it early this morning. Ed…you are a true professor of Couloirology. Here are a couple more shots of the same line…the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran, which […]

Name That Couloir, #9

Back to the home range for the next installment of….NAME…THAT…COULOIRRRRR! Any guesses? 😕 Another scanned image…this one from 2002

Tourist Comments

Them there skis on his back! This time of year, with the increased tourist traffic on the dry park trails, skiers are subjected to a barrage of comments as we hike back to our cars with skis on our backs. Many of the comments are classic and predictable, but occasionally you get a doozie and […]

Name That Couloir, #8

Once again…another round of…NAME…THAT…COULOIRRRRR!!!! 😆 This one goes out to my California brotheren!!! I know you’re out there…let’s see what you got! 😎 Forgive me for the marginal photo. I scanned this from a pre-digi trip in 1999.

Name That Couloir, #7

I wanted to get a little NTC going before some more trip reports this week. OK…this one is not in the Tetons…but pretty easy for most well seasoned couloir aficionados. Leave your answer in the comments please!

Name That Couloir, #6

I don’t think this one is very hard. Guess away!!!! 😆

Name That Couloir, #5

Another round…for your pleasure! 🙂 I was surprised that the last NTC was named correctly…well, sorta…so I feel like I need to challenge you a bit more. This photo was sent to me by one of the Spackman brothers. If you think you may have been on this trip, please refrain form giving the answer […]

Name That Couloir, #4

Skiing up in Garnet Canyon today, and a scheduled rest day to follow…before the rando race here in Jackson on Saturday. Here we go again! Still in the Tetons is the only clue I can really give I guess. I’ve been pretty impressed with your ability to name them in the past, so what do […]

Name That Couloir, #3

I’ve been having fun with these ‘Name That Couloir’ posts and thanks to all those that have been playing. Fortunately we have some visitors that have done thier research and are well versed in the subject of Couloirogy: The Teton Edition. I think we will stay in the Teton Range for a few more before […]

Name That Couloir. #2

Ok, Ed (and Dave) got the first installment of ‘Name That Couloir’ (NTC) right, so I figured I’d showcase him in NTC #2! Sorry Ed, but you can’t play in this one. I think this NTC is much harder than last weeks, but I will give clues (in the comments) if no one seems to […]