First Matterhorn SkiBASE…Lucky Matthias Giraud!

Pretty wild take-off by Matthias Giraud during the first ever ski-BASE off the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Matthias tags some rocks as he launches and looses a ski, which forces him into a front-flip to avoid certain death.

Sierra Slayers Stoke

It’s cool to see a little Sierra Slayers stoke from our friend John Morrison, from the Tahoe area, with a nice descent of the Mendenhall Couloir. Definitely have looked at this one a few times driving up and down 395, and it will be in the radar the next time I visit. Though the line […]

More Grand Teton Speed Porn

Well, since someone (Brian Story) came within 3 minutes of breaking the Grand Teton speed descent record this weekend, as well as an impressive time on a Grand, Middle and South Teton ski descent link-up (Nathan Brown and Zahan Billamoria, 10:39), this video of Bryce Thatcher and Creighton King’s battle for the summer ascent and […]


Getting it done on July 1st, 2011. Click photo for larger image.

Grand Teton Ski Descent Speed Record Set?

UPDATE: Today, Utah residents Jared Inouye, Andy Dorais and Jason Dorais teamed up for a group solo ski descent of the Ford/Stettner Route and set a new bar with a time of 5:17 car-to-car. These guys are pretty speedy rando-races and the time will be very hard to beat. See the comments section of this […]

Solo GT

Beau Fredlund makes a solo ascent of the Ford Couloir on the Grand Teton on June 18, 2011. Click photo for larger image. Just wanted to share this rad picture from Jay Hause of Beau Fredlund on a solo ascent of the Ford Couloir on the Grand Teton today. The photo was taken at about […]

The Grand Project

Lots of work and low visibility and cloudy skiing for me lately. As the seasons start to change here in the Tetons, it always cool to see how different things looks as the snow melts and the rocks and meadows start to show through. Here’s a cool time-lapse by Kevin Cass of the same transition, […]

Red Skies at Morning…

…Skiers take warning. Windy + Cloudy=Icy + Shutdown…today. Click photo for larger image.

You Gotta See This

“Holy cow!”…is all I have to say about this. (Via EarlyUps and Zapiks.) Motoneige 0 – Montagne 1

Chased By The Sun

It seems like Norway and the island of Svalbard are the hot new spots for destination wilderness ski mountaineering right now. As a land with 24-hours of sun, located above the arctic circle, with glaciers, fjords, beaches and steep lines and peaks that few have ever seen…who could ask for more?! I tried to make […]

TimeLine and Xavier de le Rue

Here is another video from the TimeLine Series and Xavier de le Rue. I find what Xavier says at the end of this one especially interesting.  I hear he was with this group the other day, so maybe there will be some footage released down the road.  See you on the skin-track Xavier!!!

Cortina’s Classic Couloirs

Here’s a little Euro weekend stoke for you. It’s a compilation of descents in a number of the Dolomite’s classic couloirs by Felix Hentz.  My favorite imagery in this video is at the end…now that is a rappel off a bridge if I’ve ever seen one.

Hello Operator, I'm Stuck in a Treewell.

I’m not sure what to think about this one. Lord knows that getting stuck upside-down in a tree well with your skis or snowboard on and NOT being unable to get them off, would really be a bad situation. I’m wondering how easy (or hard) it would be to get out of a Dynafit binding, […]

The Hulk Hogum, By Jared Inouye

Congrats to Jared Inouye, Andy Dorais and Jason Dorias, who just last week completed what they dub, “The Hulk Hogum”, a link up of 8 steep couloirs and lines in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.  Jared shares his take on the day in this trip report and claims success on his lightweight gear.  For the most […]

Igneous Rocks POV Stoke!

Shirley’s – Igneous Rocks – Talk Is Cheap Here is a pretty cool POV video of a descent of one of the more rowdy lines off of Cody Peak, called “Igneous Rocks”.  It was popularized and first skied by Mike Tierney, who I think aired into the line, as opposed to Cam Ciccone’s sidestep.  It […]

Off The Couch

This has got to be one of the longest trip reports I’ve ever read for 12 hours of skiing.  Luckily, it’s a fantastic read written by Christian Beckwith, who got out for a day of skiing last weekend with one of the Teton’s most talented skiers, Mark Newcomb. A nice descent of the Northwest Couloir […]

Holy Side-step…Please Translate!

I’ve done some pretty exciting side-stepping in order to keep the skis on while moving through a tight and rocky section of a decent (like here and here) and this guy looks to have had an exciting one himself. But, would someone please translate what he says (especially at 1:38)? It seems like knowing what […]

Sit-Skier Chris Devlin-Young Skis Corbet's Couloir

Earlier this week, US Paralympic member Chris Devlin-Young became the first sit-skier to ski JHMR’s legendary Corbet’s Couloir, unaided. Corbet’s was dubbed “America’s Scariest Ski Slope” by USA Today (there is even a play-by-play on how to ski it, at least for people that have function of both of their legs) , and I’m assuming […]

More From Xavier de le Rue

Here is another video clip from Xavier de le Rue, this one is of him riding some rad splitter couloirs in the Italian Dolomites. I also got a chance to ask Xavier a few questions about his riding and other stuff, so be sure to read below. The first line in the video I skied […]

Xavier de le Rue: Sluff and Ice

Some pretty cool stuff from Xavier de le Rue.