By: randosteve|Posted on: March 21, 2011|Posted in: Inspire | 15 comments

Shirley’sIgneous RocksTalk Is Cheap

Here is a pretty cool POV video of a descent of one of the more rowdy lines off of Cody Peak, called “Igneous Rocks”.  It was popularized and first skied by Mike Tierney, who I think aired into the line, as opposed to Cam Ciccone’s sidestep.  It sits right between two other rowdy lines, “Shirley’s” and “Talk is Cheap”, first ridden by John Griber and Stephen Koch, respectively. I’ve always though that someday I might ski “Shirley’s” or “Talk is Cheap”, but with the mandatory ginormous air at the bottom of “Igneous Rocks”, it will never be on my hit list. So Sick!