Thanks to Chris Larson and Chris Hansen, Teton skiers now have a new internet resource for checking out current mountain conditions. TetonSnowInfo.com is a conglomeration of most of the weather sites that valley skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers have come to find useful when deciding what to ski on any given day. Information on weather forecasts […]

Lava Mountain Avalanche

Some of you locals might remember reading about this avalanche in the BTNF avalanche forecast on Lava Mountain on Togwotee Pass last week (Friday?). From the words the forecasters used, it sounded big and I really wanted to see it. Sure enough, yesterday…I received an email from a TetonAT visitor with some pictures of the […]

Gravelly Range Snowmobile Avalanche

I heard about this video from some friends, but just watched it a couple days ago. It is from Jan 19th in the Gravelly Range in southwestern Montana, The avalanche had a crown of 4-6′ and a deposition pile 10-15′ deep. Pretty wild POV footage if you haven’t seen it yet.

Teton Skiers: Beware of Continued Lurking Avalanche Danger

Like many of you, I have been starting to feel a lot better about the Teton snowpack. But after today, I am again…sick to my stomach. Fearing wind more than avalanches today, I got out with a friend to attempt a line I have been looking at and wanting to ski for a long time. […]

Headwall Avalanche at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Bridger Gondola webcam image of the avalanche before it was shut down. If you aren’t afraid of the snowpack yet…maybe now you will be.  And if you haven’t hugged your neighborhood ski patroller recently, you should…because it’s unbelievable that no one was seriously injured in this recent event. This morning, a large avalanche released from […]

Avalanche Death at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

I’ve been holding my breath all day today in fear of an avalanche incident on the Pass or at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Unfortunately my thoughts have come true. The details are still very sketchy, but the word is that at least two substantial in-bounds avalanches occurred today at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. One […]

Thanks A Lot Santa

Well, we’ve finally caught up to Utah with the avalanche danger, and our local forecasters are stating that “large destructive avalanches are certain”.  So today…Christmas, is a great day to start slow opening presents, drinking Cafe Rando’s and skiing at Snow King.  Really, I can’t really complain too much about the elevated avy danger because […]

Skier Dies in Snowbird Avalanche

Slide in the Eye of the Needle area on Mount Baldy. Photo: Jim Urquhart/The Salt Lake Tribune. A skier died on Sunday after being buried in an avalanche for about an hour in the Eye of the Needle area of Mount Baldy at Snowbird.  Skier Heather Gross was still alive but unconscious when she was […]

TetonAT.com: Friday Avalanche Scare Video

It seems the more videos I watch these days, the more people I see getting caught in avalanches…and the more it gets me scared to ski in the backcountry. Not so much because of the other riders (well…maybe a little), but more because it is so crazy how powerful the mountains can be when not […]

Video: An Avalanche Reminder

Here’s a little wake up call and reminder that avalanches can happen at any time…no matter how many people have already skied the slope. All it takes is one small pocket of instability to trigger something bigger that can do a lot more damage. This guy got real lucky! ? Ski in small groups and […]

Fall on Gilkey Tower Kills Climber

South side of the South Fork of Garnet Canyon Peaks. Except for the Middle Teton, which pops up from behind the ridge. Unfortunately, the Jenny Lake Rangers have been very busy while I’ve been away, having to deal with three incidents in less than a week. It all started off last week with a backpacker […]

Too Early…AND Too Late

Well…I/we got shutdown on a line I’ve been looking at recently. More or less for jumping the gun after a bunch of new snow fell in the mountains, as well as not being early enough…my biggest pet peeve. My plan was to ski the line around 11am…but it really needed to be more like 8am […]

Will We Break the Record?

Edited for correctness With just over a week left of tabulating snowfall totals before the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort closes, the village is on track to break the record for the most snowfall in a given season…at least since they started keeping track in 1975. Some may argue with some of the totals and how […]


Road Closed sign on Moose/Wilson Road. Surprisingly, Teton Pass is open today. Usually I make the right call when planning trips during inclement weather, but today, I dropped the ball and got shutdown…twice. I hooked up with Chris Onufer early this morning and after a brief pow-wow, we decide to head towards Togwotee Pass to […]

Frigid Temps in the Hole

Sub-zero temps have settled in Jackson and it was -18F this morning. Not much of an inversion yet, but the radiant heat of the sun still warms things up nicely. TCSAR training was canceled today cuz of the cold, so it looks like I’ll be skiing. Despite the frigid temps, I still have been able […]