Dike Snowfield Tour

Well, conditions are pretty prime for ski touring in the Tetons right now. There is some funky snow here and there, but if you time things right, the skiing is great! I got shut down a mission for the steep and deep yesterday (due to some lingering weather on the high peaks), but had a […]

November in Garnet Canyon

Sooooo, I’ve gotten a few, “Have you skied in Garnet Canyon yet?”s recently, and the answer is…yes! I’ve been on a couple missions up into the north fork and over the weekend I skied on the Middle Teton Glacier. I wanted to go higher on the Middle, but I had left my avy gear in […]

Slideshow: Middle Teton’s Southwest Couloir to Icefloe Lake

Skiing off the summit of the Middle Teton. After skiing the South Teton, we looked at our watches and decided we had time for one more run before other commitments needed to be respected. Our mission was to boot up the Southwest Couloir of the Middle Teton and then ski it…all the way to Icefloe […]

Photos from Teepee Glacier to Glacier Gulch Tour

Reed Finlay skis into Glacier Gulch. Though the valley is still relatively brown, with enough effort (read…’walking’), one can find lots of snow in the high-country. I toured up to Teepee Glacier yesterday with Reed and found lots of powder, though pretty dense…and not the easiest skiing snow, above 11K’ and in shaded areas. And […]

TAY: September Turns…CHECK!

Randosteve sets up for September turns on the North Face of Spaulding Peak. Table Mountain and it’s steep East Face in the background. After a long and busy summer, I finally made a go for my September turns with Reed in the South Fork of Garnet Canyon on September 30th, thus marking the official success […]

Video: August Turns in Jackson Hole…Check!

Went on a solo mission up to the Cave Couloir in Garnet Canyon to get my August turns in last week. The skiing was actually pretty challenging with lots of runnels. There was just over 1000′ of skiing, which I think is the accepted amount of vertical needed to claim ‘turns-all-year’. The skiing sucked, but […]

Wind, Avalanches and Shutdowns

Small avalanche just above the Meadows in Garnet Canyon today. Well, looks like I went 1 for 3 this week…scoring a fun descent yesterday, but today, high winds shutdown a planned descent in Garnet Canyon. I have a feeling a few other groups got turned around as well, since the forecast was for mostly sunny […]

Turns from Teepee Col

Well I didn’t try too hard to find a partner last night, so I was skiing solo in the mountains today. I got on the trail before sunrise and was once again amazed by the alpenglow of the morning sun. I seem to have seen a ton of awesome sunrises this year. I had decided […]