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I got a test pack of ProBars a week or two ago and I’ve got a box of my favorites for the trip to Orizaba. Sometimes my stomach doesn’t like certain flavors or combos when I’m in the mountains, ProBarso I tried to eat them while in the mountains…or during long trail runs…instead of just macking them for lunch. I rated them on a scale of 1-5. Cran Lemon Twister was the first one I tried…so I gave it a 3. Here are the results.

  • Whole Berry Blast-*****
  • Koka Mocha-*****
  • Art’s Original Blend-****
  • Nutty Banana Boom-****
  • Apple Cinnamon Crunch-****
  • Superfood Slam-****
  • Cran Lemon Twister-***

The Ski Journal showed up in my mailbox last week, and I have to say…THANK YOU! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see this new magazine, be sure to find the time to do so. It’s very nice…the Alpinist of skiing I The Ski Journalwould say. Interestingly enough, Volume Two, Number One, had a piece on Jackson Hole called, The Class of ’74. I love seeing old school photos of the area and hearing about what it used to be like, and it was great to see many familiar faces. One of our hardgoods buyers at the shop was in one of the photos too and he reiterated many of the stories Keith Benefield talks about. The photo of Jackson Hole Ski Patroller Tom Russo juggling while skiing on skinny skis is a hoot. His beard reminds me of that of Angus Thurmer’s…who is credited to many of the photos in the article.

The remainder of the magazine looks just as interesting in a day where I feel like every year is just the same-o, same-o for many outdoor magazines. I’ve held back from reading the rest…saving it for the trip…but I’ve thumbed through it a bunch and the articles about Shane McConkey, the making of Maltese Flamingo and the world of ski racing love very interesting. Not too expensive either at $40/year or $75 for two. Funny…not long after I started showing this issue off at the shop I had to give up one of the subscription cards. Looks like the future runs bright for The Ski Journal. Want a subscription? Click here!

Tom Russo freeheel juggling
Courtesy of the Ski Journal

Thrillhead Creations will present their film, Return to Schralptown, on Saturday, November 3rd. The film will be shown at 6:30pm at the Center for the Arts and will include a slideshow that focuses on backcountry skiing in Wyoming by Jeramie Prine (AKA: Wyoming Splitride). I skied a couple times with Jeramie, who lives in Lander, and he rides a lot on Togwotee Pass, so the scenery and lines should be worth checking out.

I saw a sneak preview of Return to Schralptown a week or two ago and though it was entertaining. (Click here to watch the trailer.) The movie opens with a pretty cool skier sequence and has some great visuals from the mountains of British Columbia and the Front Range of Colorado. There is a fun segment on a crossing of North Dakota via snow-kite, whose goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of wind power. The overall message of the film is about environmental stewardship, but I couldn’t help questioning it since they used snowmobiles to access many of the lines. I have to say, I did feel a bit more in-touch with the snowboarding segments though, since it looked as though they accessed there line without the use of combustible engines. Either way, check out the movie and Jeramie’s slideshow this weekend…I sure wish I could.


Thrillhead Creations

I’m off to Salt Lake City today to catch my flight to Mexico and Orizaba early Thursday morning and I’m sorry to say that I’m not going to be blogging while I’m gone. I’m traveling light and the laptop is just one more thing to lug around and potentially get stolen for such a short trip. I get home late on November 6th, so look for some life on the 7th or 8th. Normally I would be willing to suck up the extra $200+ to fly out of Jackson, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the flight times and connections I wanted to get to Mexico by mid afternoon. I’m spending the night at Brad Bartledge and Katie Cavicchio’s house. Great people, Katie has a fun blog, The Wasatch Report and Brad is a rep for Black Diamond and also went with Andrew Mclean to Baffin Island (my dream trip) a few years back. Thanks for the bed guys! Talk to you next week!