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Waxing the skis for Europe

I’m less than two weeks out from heading to Switzerland and wrapping up some of the finer details in relation to logistics, gear and training…and getting a haircut too! So far, the TetonAT Switzerland Fund has raised over $800 from generous donors all across the country. I thank you all!

Raised so far
So far…your generous donations to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund total over $800.
Which just about covers the airfare costs. Thank you SO much!
Donations are still welcome!

Got to look good in EuropeI’m planning to be over in Europe for two weeks, travel days included. I wish it could be longer, but it’s about all I can swing right now. Though the trip will be rather expensive, especially flying out of Jackson, the International Ski Mountaineering Association (ISMC) has set up a pretty good all inclusive deal for the racers that covers meals, registration, tickets and lodging during the week long event. So that helps. I’m paying for that part today via wire transfer at the bank. No doubt I’ll feel pretty cool at the bank requesting the transfer of funds to a Swiss bank account…but with all the bizillionaires here in JH…they probably get it all the time.

Reglued racing soles

I try not to stress too much about gear anymore, but there are pretty strict requirements you must follow in these races and you definitely don’t want to be futzing with gear while you’re over there. In 2006, I remember Cary Smith and I butchering our boots last minute in order to get the 4mm of lug that was required in our modified boot soles. This year they have gotten more picky and have a minimum number of lugs for both the front and rear or the soles, which is something I was working on yesterday. It’s tough to try to predict the temps for waxing…but an old friend once told me, “the red and blue combo will get you through anything”, so that’s what I’m going with on my sticks. I also had to replace some Dynafit Speed Tips on one pair of my race skins that I busted at the Sunlight rando race this year. I should be good to go now and already have my American Flag pact on my race suit.

USA patch on race suit

New Speed TipsEven though we’ve had blizzard like conditions here in Jackson over the past week, I feel like I’ve been skiing and training a lot. However, I’m also feeling pretty tired these days and I haven’t really been able to punch out the kind of workout I’ve been looking for. There’s not much I can really do about it, but I’ll probably have a couple more race specific training days before I leave, so hopefully it will all come together. Recovering from the long flight over to Europe will be a big part of being able to perform well and I arrive on the 21st , with the opening ceremonies on the 23rd and the first race on the 24th. …giving me a few days to get recover from it. Let’s hope it’s enough.