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 Julbo Race side vents
The side vents on the Julbo Race sunglasses
do a rad job of keeping the lenses fog free.

Julbo Race sunglassesI had a couple boxes of gear waiting for me when I got back from Europe. One being an assortment of Julbo Sunglasses. I find I have a tough face to fit with sunglass most of the time. It’s kind of narrow…with a big nose. Sort of aerodynamic I guess. Luckily, a few of the models fit like a glove and I’m rockin’ like Liberace in the sunglasses department now.

I typically like to wear a wrap around sunglass for maximum protection from the sun and wind when I ski the backcountry, but they often tend to fog up when going Sticky ear pieceshard or during wetter weather patterns. Enter the Julbo Race Sunglasses that have great wrap around coverage and side vents that have worked great at keeping the lenses fog-free over the last few days of wet weather we have had recently.

The lenses on the Julbo Race are photochromatic and the pair I have has the Zebra Lens the changes tint in a flash all the way to category 4 protection. I’ve heard many people talk about these lens and I have to agree they are very nice and work in a variety of sunlight intensities, which is great for those days the sun is in and out of the clouds. The lower end of the tint is category 2 and really helps to bring out contrast in those flat light situations.

Julbo Race nose pieceThe Julbo Race is very comfortable and stays put when you are skiing, thanks to a good assortment of foamy rubber on the nose and earpieces. The earpieces have a ridge-like pattern that really keeps a grip. Though the nose piece isn’t adjustable like some action sunglasses, it does keep them in place on my shnoze because of its design. The foam is very soft and doesn’t chaff your nose after a long, hard, sweaty day on the skis. Rumor has it Julbo is getting into some more snow specific eyewear too…as in goggles…but we might have to wait until next winter for that.

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