By: randosteve|Posted on: October 29, 2008|Posted in: Humor | Comments Off on Obrama Predicts Big Snows This Winter

Barack Obama skis
Barack Obrama skis Prospectors Mountain.

In an unprecedented attempt to win over the highly influential backcountry skiing community, Barack Obrama predicted big snow this coming winter.  This is the second time Barack has made comments directed towards the skiing community (click here for the first time) and recent polls show Obrama pulling way ahead in in the presidential race since his snow fall prediction.

Though it’s nice to see Obrama’s lead be so big with less than a week until election day, it’s important not to take a Barack victory for granted. Avoid long lines at the polls by voting early (I’m going today) and be sure to get an absentee ballot from your home town if you’re not registered in the town you now live in.  And if you want it to snow this winter, be sure to vote for Obrama…because he rips…and definitely….don’t let this happen to you!!!!!!!