Frozen Trailer: (Like…Really?)

Okay, like…I first saw this on, like, Backbone Media’s website, The Vertblog. Then someone, like, emailed me about it. Then, I like saw it on TGR. SO…I figured I should like, post it here…so like, more people could see it. So like when I first saw this trailer for Frozen, I said to myself, like […]

The Paramarker Video

Hehehehehehe!  I’m such a BAD boy!!!

Teton County and the Elevation:Population Ratio

For some, picking a good ski town to live in is all about the snow. For others it’s the terrain. But for many, a simple equation tells a lot about what living in a ski town might be like and whether or not it even merits further investigation. Enter…the Elevation/Population ratio, when a result that […]

"Epic" Televison Series to be Produced in Jackson Hole

Okay Jackson Hole ski bums, now’s your chance for fame…at least as an extra. Yesterday, Jackson Hole News and Guide reported that Better Wings Entertainment out Los Angeles has an interest in producing a television series here in Jackson…and more specific…at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. No doubt a huge score marketing-wise for JHMR. The series, […] Visors and 'Live To Ski' Croakies!

Yes, yes, yes! It’s taken some time, but after much demand, I’ve finally gotten some more TetonAT visors in…and they are also improved!  In addition, I threw a few bucks towards Croakies and had them make some ‘Live to Ski’ sunglass retainers as well! Fun, fun, fun! 🙂 Return of the visor and now…’Live […]

Pearl Jam Rocks For The Return of the TetonAT Visor

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam rock for the TetonAT visor in Salt Lake City last week. More details to come!!! Photo: Bryan Feinstein, front-row…center. This is my favorite song from the new Backspacer album. Here’s the live version from Salt Lake City, Sept. 28, 2009. Tell me that dude on stage isn’t winning some serious […]

Winner…Guess My Time: Grand Teton

I’m off to the Big Sky state for the holiday weekend, but a big congrats to the winner of Guess My Time: Grand Teton, scoring themselves a pair of La Sportiva Sandstone GTX hiking shoes. Though I feel pressured to put up fast times for these contests, I’m still having fun with it and thanks […]

Name That Couloir #18

Let’s play another round of…NAME…THAT…COULOIR! This one might be a bit tough and we may have a stumper.  (Prove me wrong!)  I think you really may have had to skied this couloir to know the name. BUT, you folks always surprise me on this stuff, so someone might recognize the lifts or the road at […]

Has A Women Snowboarded the Grand Teton?

Is being the first women to snowboard the Grand Teton one of the final prizes left up for grabs on the mountain? First Male Alpine Descent-Bill Briggs, 1971 First Female Alpine Descent– Kristen Ulmer, 1997 First Male Telemark Descent– Rick Wyatt, 1982 First Female Telemark Descent– Aj Cargill, 2004 First Male Snowboard Descent– Stephen Koch, […]

Sickter Bra!

And serious time waster. Courtesy of Black Diamond Journal.

Winner…Guess My Time…Gannett Peak

Thanks to everyone who played Guess My Time…Gannett Peak, and thanks to La Sportiva for donating the Exum Pros to the winner. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did. While it humbles me to think that some of you guessed that I was able to break the record for Gannett […]

Slush Cup '89

Okay let’s see…1989…the year I graduated high school. Skiing-wise, I was still an intermediate, trying my darnedest to keep my legs glued together when I skied, sipping peach-tree schnapps while night skiing at Ski Sundown and getting worked trying to master my mogul skills on runs like Outer Limits at Killington. By 1989, I had […]

Name That Couloir #17

Leave your answer in the comments section!

Don't You Hate It When…

Don’t you hate it when you hike your skis and 65lb pack through blazing heat 12 miles into the backcountry, only to be denied your objective and hike out the next day because of a blister? Well I do! Luckily, it wasn’t my blister…and I didn’t have to drive 6 hours to get it. Oh […]

I Hope That Bumper Is Ram Proof

Okay…I know, this post isn’t really skiing related, but hey…it’s summertime and it still took place in Wyoming, not too far from Jackson. Now watching out for wildlife on the highways is an obvious thing drivers much do as they visit the amazing places the great state has to offer, but since when do we […]

Doggie Ragdoll Whiteouts

Courtesy of Teton Gravity Research. Support by shopping online at

Got Crunchy Knees???

Seems like many of us skiers have pretty noisy knees. Crunching and popping as we climb up stairs or run down hills. Often it hurts when they make noise, as the cartilage, ligaments and bones grind together producing sounds that make your skin crawl. I’ve heard some impressive ones, but recently I was able to […]

Name That Couloir #16

Here we have another “Name That Couloir” photo sent in from one of our TetonAT viewers. I’m thinking giving a photo credit might help give away the answer, so I’ll plug one in once the line is guessed. Leave your answer in the comments section and as always, if you think you have a good […]

Name That Couloir

Right on, right on! It looks like we are back on the “Name that Couloir” train and big thanks to all those that sent in photos last week! As before, if you think you have a good photo of a couloir, and think it would be good for this game…please get in touch and send […]

Introducing The Flextron 37 Trillion

Man…I thought this video was SO funny. Thanks to Matt Hart, from, for finding this one!