By: randosteve|Posted on: January 12, 2009|Posted in: Humor | 20 comments

Just want to say a special…”thanks”…to the hoodlum that took it upon himself to vandalize the TetonAT rig this weekend. I guess it could have been worse, like the recent Teton Pass Ambassador incident, but still worth a good cursing…don’t you think?!  Got a good curse of your own?  Share it with us in the comments section below!


? May your adjustable ski poles always freeze at their longest level ?

? May the snow glop to your skins like icing on a wedding cake ?

? May your avalanche transceiver’s batteries be dead at the trailhead ?

? May the wind blow spindrift in your face every time you climb a couloir ?

? May you forget your backpack at home the next time you go backcountry skiing  ?

? May you never benefit from one of my skin tracks ?

? May the snowpack be unstable on your every tour ?

? May the sluff of your next descent wash you out and pack snow in every crevice of your body ?

? May your work schedule never jive with bluebird powder days this season ?

? May your goggles fog up and the light be flat every time you got skiing ?

? May the Snow Gods look down upon your weak mind, body and soul…and cast their
eternal curse upon the rest of your skiing adventures ?

well…I’d be happy with just the snow glopping on your skins…but that sure felt good.