By: randosteve|Posted on: February 17, 2009|Posted in: Humor | 13 comments

Did you spend Valentine’s Day alone last weekend? I know how you feel because I’ve been there many times before…and I feel your pain. I know you’ve got your eye one some hot ski bunny that you saw in the tram line…or some ski mountaineering stud that consistently skis the sickest lines in town. Well, here are some pick up lines to help break the ice and are guaranteed to rally up some company (or a slap on your neck warmer) for apres-ski.

Courtesy TGR.

Got any skiing related pick-up lines of your own you’d like to share?
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  • The snow report says there is 6″ out there, but come with me and I’ll show you 12″!
  • Are you a bootfitter? Cause you’re sure making my tongue stiff.
  • Do you work for the ski area? Cause you’re giving me a liftie!
  • Buy me a drink? I think it’s time you earned your turn.
  • To bad you’re not buried under an avalanche because you seem to need some probing.
  • I won’t pull your pass if you duck my rope.
  • Can I poach your powder stash?
  • It must be first chair because I see myself in your virgin corduroys.
  • What’s your DIN?
  • Lets go back to your gondola and get down-loaded.
  • I can clear snow off my goggles…with my tongue.
  • I have an AvaLung, which means I don’t have to come up for air.
  • Is your coulior as tight as they say it is?
  • Looks like they’ve been doing avalanche control, because I just found a bombshell!
  • I always ski with three poles.