By: randosteve|Posted on: July 29, 2009|Posted in: Humor | 8 comments

Okay let’s see…1989…the year I graduated high school. Skiing-wise, I was still an intermediate, trying my darnedest to keep my legs glued together when I skied, sipping peach-tree schnapps while night skiing at Ski Sundown and getting worked trying to master my mogul skills on runs like Outer Limits at Killington. By 1989, I had been out west to ski with my dad a time or two (thanks pop!), but honestly, I didn’t know anything about Jackson Hole and the Teton Range. It’s weird how something so removed from my life back then…has become such a big part of it now.

Anyway, I found this classic footage of some skiers totally eating it in the mud/slush blend at Ski Martock (in Nova Scotia, CA) in 1989. This movie gets funnier the longer you watch me! What were you doing in 1989?