Video: Name That Couloir #15

It’s been a long time since we played “Name that Couloir” here on (Click here for past posts.) To tell you the truth, I really liked this “game”, but honestly, I felt like I ran out of good photos of Teton couloirs. I’ve been thinking of expanding this “game” to include lines in other […]

Randosteve's Backcountry Skiing Haul Sled

Heading out of town and into the mountains for a few days. Be back next week. Have a great weekend. Live to ski!

Top Ten Reasons Why Skiing is Better than Surfing

After my brief stint at surfing in Mexico, obviously I’m no pro, but it reassured me that skiing is the ultimate sport and way better than surfing. Here’s why: 1. When surfing, one is constantly susceptible to being stung by jellyfish, pricked by sea urchins and other creepy, unseen sea critters. During ski season, most […]

A Potty You Can Get Used Too!

And I thought I had a cool bathroom! Hope you can get off the pot and enjoy the powder and great skiing over the next few days. Make some turns for me and have a great weekend!!! Photo thanks to Rab and

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Bans Snowballs

Now, I know it’s April 2nd, and some people may think that this is a belated April Fools Day joke, but rumor has it Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has threatened to shut down it’s $30 million dollar investment because of…snowballs? Word travels fast these days and I learned that a window was broken on the […]

Jackson Hole Alberstons To Offer Indoor Skiing

So, I know you’ve all seen the big hole in the floor in the Jackson Hole Alberstons lately. Many of you may have heard that they are installing a new refrigeration system. But why do you ask? Well, I caught up with store manager Scott Evans and asked him what all the fuss was about […]

TetonAT Rescues Greg Hill

Randosteve helps out fellow skier/blogger Greg Hill. “Is anyone headed up to Revelstoke today?” Randosteve, “Yeah.” The hostel manager hands me the phone. “Hello…this is Steve.” “Romeo? It’s Greg Hill. My car broke down on my way back to Revelstoke last night.  They think it’s the fan belt and is only going to cost $100.  […]

1,2,3 JUMP!

I recently learned from a reliable source that a distant line I’ve been eyeballing on Goggle Earth and NG Topo, typically has a big cornice protecting it’s entrance. Not letting a little cornice get in the way of a rad descent, I’ve been researching different ways to drop a cornice to allow for safe entry. […]

Skier Pick-Up Lines

Did you spend Valentine’s Day alone last weekend? I know how you feel because I’ve been there many times before…and I feel your pain. I know you’ve got your eye one some hot ski bunny that you saw in the tram line…or some ski mountaineering stud that consistently skis the sickest lines in town. Well, […]

An Argument for Fat Skis

Would you rather ski in the powder…or on it? Me? I’m an “on the powder” kind of guy these days and ultra-fat skis are the key to staying on top.  The fatter the better really, and my BD Megawatts shine for this. In the powder…or on the powder.  Which do you prefer? Pro’s to skiing […]

Beat This Jump Jamie Pierre

Who’s Jamie Pierre? Click here.

May the Ski Gods…

Just want to say a special…”thanks”…to the hoodlum that took it upon himself to vandalize the TetonAT rig this weekend. I guess it could have been worse, like the recent Teton Pass Ambassador incident, but still worth a good cursing…don’t you think?!  Got a good curse of your own?  Share it with us in the […]

Caption This Photo

Apparently I’m currently having some trouble with the comments section of 2.0. Hope to get things fixed up soon. If the comments are working for you, how about playing…”Caption This Photo”! Caption This Photo.

JH Eccentricities

A friend of mine once said, “Steve, I think it would be a funny if you hung out on Teton Pass all day and noted all the different, unique and classic gear that you see people using.” Well, I’m not about to just sit on the Pass all day, but I do think it would […]

Thank YOU!!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thank you for visiting I’m looking forward to a great winter and I hope you are too. Have a great holiday weekend!!! -Randosteve

Live to Ski, Ski to Live…Ski to Kill????

Can someone help me with this one?

Dirt Clod Season

Though it’s easy to find solitude in the early season,  the ski touring is all about dulling the edges, jake-braking, globing up your ski poles with dirt blobs accumulated from the base-less snowpack (Anyone got a name for this phenomenon?) and pulling grass and twigs out from your Dynafits.  Luckily, the gear is so bomber […]

Winter MX!

I’ve been thinking about buying a snowmobile lately. (I know…don’t say it!!) Not a big mountain beast…but a little ripper type that can jet me up some access roads in the surrounding mountain ranges. Maybe a four-stroke. (Any suggestions? Remember this one?) Anyway…I found this little video and thought about just moding the KLR!!! 😉 […]

Obrama Predicts Big Snows This Winter

Barack Obrama skis Prospectors Mountain. In an unprecedented attempt to win over the highly influential backcountry skiing community, Barack Obrama predicted big snow this coming winter.  This is the second time Barack has made comments directed towards the skiing community (click here for the first time) and recent polls show Obrama pulling way ahead in […]

Backcountry Oatmeal Saver

AKA…Goatmeal! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of eating oatmeal.  I never eat it for breakfast at home, but for some reason, I almost always take it into the backcountry on my overnight trips.  I’m not really sure why…my guess is that I like having something warm in my stomach […]